My Vacation In a Quaint Texas Town in Pictures

Jun 22, 2012 by

This is the Zwolle Tamale Company….snappy name, huh?  We drove two hours just to get a dozen of these tamales because they also happen to be the best in the WORLD!!  They have been in business since 1981 and are family owned and operated.

Momma getting ready to dig in!!

They still have old-timey Coke machines.  Last year this one still worked…just a little tweaking and it will be up and running again!

My sweet, handsome dad…full and happy!

Every year there is a “Tamale Festival” and they always have a poster to commemorate it.

This is a 100-year-old bed-and-breakfast where we had lunch one day.  It was beautiful and is the original home.  It has had only had minor renovations done to it.

A kitten at the bed and breakfast that just knew I needed a picture of it to add to all the charm!

They served us homemade chicken salad, corn soup, and Texas tea!!  Yummy!!

Can’t forget the homemade banana pudding!!  That meringue has to be two inches thick!

One of the few original Texas courthouses.

Just a quiet day with my traveling companion and little buddy, Gracie!

At last, my sweet hubby arrives!!  I was more than ready!!!!  Missed my sweetheart!!!

He is tired of me taking pictures of him!  LOL!

Gracie is comforted by Daddy’s presence, too!

Our dear friends, Dawana and John from our church paid us a visit!  We had a wonderful time!!  So glad they could make it!

I hope you enjoyed some highlights of my get-away!  If I had been fast enough with my phone you could have seen all the wildlife, too!  The deer were especially beautiful!

Thank you for sharing in some of my “get away” highlights!  See you soon, dear reader!!!


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