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I Put Two Marshmallows In My Coffee This Morning!

This morning when I woke up these are some things that I saw posted on Facebook.  Coincidental?  I don’t think so!  God is beyond any words I know!  I am so thankful He is my Father!!

Praise God while I slept He was busy bringing comfort to me this morning!  I celebrated by praising and thanking Him for everything I needed to see first thing this morning!  Then I put two marshmallows in my favorite coffee (it is just a two marshmallow kind of day)!  Thank God it is a new day and His mercies are new each  morning!

Have a blessed day all day,  dear reader!!  See you soon!!

2 Responses to “I Put Two Marshmallows In My Coffee This Morning!”

  1. Melinda says:

    That’s what I mean by my “Facebook Bible study!”

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