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Aug 3, 2012 by

Today Auntie Em invited me over for lunch!  It was delicious!  She made a beautiful vegetable and strawberry salad with her own homemade dressing!




For dessert she had cantalope she grew herself!  Sweet and scrumptious!


Yes, it was as good as it looks!


I would put a picture of Auntie Em, but it was sideways and I can’t get it turned right!  Nevertheless, we had fun changing my theme and adding a new layout!  What was the most fun and brought the most joy was the surprise of something I didn’t plan today.  My friend called and treated me to an “it is all about you day!” and who doesn’t love that??  Thank God for sweet friends and cherished new memories!

Blessings, my precious reader!  See you soon!  Oh, and hop over and see Auntie Em!  You will love it there!  :)





  1. Well shoot! I need an Auntie Em! LOL

    • Lol…you can share mine, Lyn! :)

      • I don’t share Auntie Em’s! It’s either all or nothing for me! ha ha ha ha! ;-)

      • Girl, you are a mess! LOL!

      • LOL! You have to figure, as I’ve mentioned elsehwere, I’ve eaten nothing but fresh veggies, green leafies, unsweetened almond milk, brown and wild rice, and oat bran now for weeks! I want all of that food to myself! My goodness..I was at the drug store today and every aisle I went down had candy bars, hostess cakes, cookies, snicker bars…then there was the ice cream… these are things I never overly craved before, but now they’re looking pretty good!

  2. Auntie Em

    I’m so glad we could get together! We both learned a lot!

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