How to Clean Your House in Three Minutes Or Less

Aug 31, 2012 by

Every year my husband and I make an annual appointment to have our house inspected just to make sure there are no unwelcome guests living in our home.  I got the phone call from the exterminator on Tuesday to tell me they wanted to set up a date.  My husband told me to make it Friday, at 1:30 because he would be off that day and if there was something he could take care of it.

Today the doorbell rang at 1:15.  I look out the window and there sits the company truck of our exterminator.  I was sitting on the love seat in my pajamas, reading “Rhythms of Grace” posts, and had gotten so into them I forgot the time.  I also forgot the “bug man” was coming!  I looked at my husband with sheer panic on my face and he looked at me and grinned!  I “whispered”, “Oh no!!!  Look at me!!”  He grinned wider!

I raced to the bedroom, slammed the door, locked it, and threw on my clothes.  I then cleaned our room in what seemed like seconds.  Jewelry I had left out was being thrown into drawers, along with my pajamas.  If a professional baseball team had seen me I would be signing papers right now as a pitcher!!

I came out, and “the bug man” was in my wash room.  Things began to fly in the kitchen!  I looked at my husband’s office and decided not to worry about it, I mean everyone has to have ONE junk room in their house, right?

The dogs were going crazy and jumping all over me as though a serial killer had entered!  I started thinking about it all.  You really can make a cluttered house look immaculate in less than three minutes.  Just make an appointment with a “bug man”.  I can’t tell my husband this, he will have him over everyday!  :)



  1. Lol! About a week ago I posted one of those ecard pics on my fb page that read ” I get more cleaning done in the ten minutes before someone comes over than I do in a week”. So TRUE!! ;)

  2. Sounds like a book or movie: “The bug man cometh……….” ;)
    ps: The Boston Red Sox will be contacting you, they are in dire need of your pitching arm, lol! :D

  3. ha ha ha ha Thanks for the tip!!! :D

  4. I got a good laugh out of this…. Thank you, Juliana…. :)

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