He Reached Down, And Raised Me Up!

Sep 6, 2012 by

No matter how low you think you have gone, God‘s hand is not short and He will rescue you when you call to Him!



  1. This is one of my all-time favorite verses! I just had to post a comment. Whenever I feel embarrassed that I used to have eating disorders, I just say to myself that: “My faith is not shallow – because I have been rescued from the deep!” God is good.
    ~ Wendy

    • Amen! We have ALL been rescued from something(s)! If we could have done it ourselves, Jesus would not have come to deliver us all! God is good! Thank you for commenting, Wendy! I know your comment has been a blessing to many! Juliana

  2. Amen!!! There is absolutely nowhere that is out of God’s reach. How great is our God! :D

  3. Praise God! He is so faithful to us. Thanks you for the beautiful reminder. I pray you have a blessed day. Patricia

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