a beautiful day

Nov 30, 2012 by

a beautiful day

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  1. What a lovely peaceful photo. Just staring at it is a wonderful stress buster, (not that I have a lot of stress, haha) In Arizona we never see snow but I remember wonderful snow days from back east and from when we lived in Germany and cross country skiied.

    Thank you so much for finding and following my blog. I’m so honored! I truly hope in some way I can inspire you to be even more of a wonderful healthy testimony (you probbly already are) for our gracious Lord.

    • Thank you, Ellie! I am so excited about your blog…can’t wait to dig in to it! I know what you mean about the snow! I have only seen it twice in my life! We get it about once every 30 years. Blessings to you! Juliana

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