Tongues: A Means of Praying Supernaturally

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Tongues a means of praying supernaturally

We will  continue our prayer series from Bro. Hagin’s book “Prayer Study Course”.  Grab your coffee and Bible and let us dig in to this wonderful and beautiful truth!

I want every Christian to know the joy of fellowshipping with the Lord in the Spirit.  As we discussed earlier, the Holy Spirit in you can help you with your praying.  The Bible says”…my spirit (by the Holy Spirit within me) prays…. (1 Corinthians 14:14 Amplified Bible).

I cannot overestimate what this kind of praying has meant to my life personally.  There is no way in the world to estimate its value.  I simply could never overestimate the value of praying in tongues.

For example, I have traveled for many years away from home.  And again and again, if anything was happening at home about which I needed to be aware, the Holy Spirit would  immediately alert me in my spirit.  I would wake up in the night and something on the inside of me would say, “Something is not right.  One of the family members is in trouble.  Something is wrong.”

Immediately I would say to the Holy Ghost (no, I do not pray to the Holy Ghost.  But He is a Person, a Divine Personality, and He is within me, and I do talk to Him, ( “I don’t know what is wrong, but You know everything.  You are in me as my Helper.  Help me pray about this condition or situation the way it should be prayed about.)

Then I would begin praying in tongues.  I would pray on and on in tongues.  I  have prayed as many as six hours in tongues.  Many times He will let me know what I am praying about and give me the answer to my prayer in my spirit.  Whether He shows me the answer right then or not, in a few days I see the situation work out fine.  We can do work for God praying supernaturally in tongues. 

I do fifty percent of my praying in tongues.  For instance, if my son or daughter or members of their families are having some trouble, I might not know what the trouble is.  I will tell the Lord that I don’t know for what to pray as I ought, but that I am looking to the Holy Spirit to help me.  Sometimes I pray for my children for an hour in tongues. 

Sometimes I will have a revelation or God will show me the answer.  He will show me just exactly what to do.  Whether or not you have any revelation about the situation you are praying about, just continue to pray in tongues because the Holy Spirit knows and He is taking hold with you against the problem.  That kind of praying gets the job done when nothing else will. 

A friend whom I had known since he was a child, became a minister when he grew up.  When he was in his early twenties he went to preach a service one night, and on the way back home, a fellow who was weaving all over the highway in his car hit this minister’s car head on.

At this time the young minister and his wife were living with the minister’s father who was a pastor.  The father got a call from the hospital and was told that his son had been in  a car wreck.

When the father got there, the doctors told him that his son’s neck and  back were broken, and that he was paralyzed from his waist down and was unconscious.  The doctor said the young minister would always be paralyzed to some extent, and they doubted if he would ever make much improvement.  Actually, the doctors couldn’t understand why he wasn’t dead.  They put him in a full body cast.  The father stayed by his son’s bedside all night.  At one point, his son had temporarily regained consciousness but had again lapsed back into unconsciousness. 

The next night when the father went to the hospital,  the young man was still unconscious.  The father told the nurses he was going to stay and pray at his son’s bedside. 

The young minister regained consciousness for a little while again that night.  The father told his son to blink his eyes if he could understand what he was saying to him, so the son blinked his eyes.  Then the young man lapsed back again into unconsciousness.  The father stayed by his bedside and prayed.  He began to pray at eight in the evening.  At twelve midnight, the father was still praying in tongues.  He heard the nurse come in, but he never opened his eyes;  he just kept praying.  He prayed about ten hours in tongues. 

Early the next morning at about six, the father got up and went over to his son.  He saw that his son was lying there with his eyes open.  He asked his son if he could hear him, and his son spoke up and said he could.  The young man told the father that he was alright and that God had healed him.  The young man began to wiggle his fingers and toes;  he had feeling all over his body. 

The nurse and the doctor came in, and they both said it was truly amazing;  it was a miracle!  The young minister told them that God had healed him and that he wanted the doctor to take the cast off.  He told the doctor that he would find that the two breaks in his back and neck were healed and that he was alright. 

After much persuasion the doctor took the young minister and x-rayed his spine.  The doctor came back and said he couldn’t believe it!  He couldn’t even find where his back had been broken.  God had mended it so that it was just as normal as it was before!  The doctor examined the x-rays again and still couldn’t find anything.  They kept the young man hospitalized for a day or two and kept checking him.  They told him to wear a neck brace for a little while, but he went home and took it off. 

Years later this man was still alright.  He has been out preaching the gospel for years.  The church had prayed about it, but the father got the job done when he began to pray in the Spirit.  He got the help of the Holy Ghost.  You increase your power in prayer 100 percent by praying in other tongues!

Many times I have prayed in tongues for hours, and in that time the tongues have changed and I have spoken half a dozen different tongues or languages.  Many times as the tongues would change, God would let me see foreign people.  I would see foreign houses and buildings.  That vision would stay before me all the time I was praying in tongues.  I didn’t know what tongues I was praying in, but I knew I was praying for those foreign people in their native tongue.

In some cases, I would later pick up a Pentecostal magazine and see the picture of the very folks for whom I was praying.  I would read about a revival that broke out in that area.  I believe the Spirit of God enabled me to have a part in it.  You can stay home and have a part in the work of God around the world.  There are more ways than one to “go” and take the gospel around the world.

I hope you enjoyed this segment on “Praying in the Spirit”!  Tomorrow we will be discussing “Praying in Tongues is Unselfish Prayer”!  Blessings to you, dear reader!!



  1. Sellecca

    Hi, I wanted to ask you a question. I love to pray in tongues and I do feel closer to God and feel a sense of peace, but I noticed when I pray in tongues for more than 20 or thirty mins I feel weak and dizzy. …. any reasons for this? I want to pray in tongues for hours about one topic but my body just won’t let me.

    • simplyjuliana

      I have never heard of this. Have you seen a doctor to rule out a physical condition? I am so sorry I can’t answer this question. I have asked several of my friends and mentors about this and no one else has heard of it either. Your weakness and dizziness has nothing to do with tongues because I find no evidence of this in the Bible, either. You may truly want to consult a doctor to rule out any physical condition. Blessings!

    • Patrick shore

      Maybe,if ruling out sickness,a spiritual attack, causing fear and stopping you going further in the spirit

      • simplyjuliana

        Definitely something to think about, Patrick. Thank you!

  2. Pit

    To second simplyjuliana’s response to Johnny. On manny occasions I’ve tried to create my own language for use in some sort of creative work (Short story, video game design, etc.) It never worked out because I couldn’t create more than 3 “words” haha. When I got filled with the spirit words just started to flow out. Don’t get scared about what you’re praying for either it’s always to your benefit.

    • simplyjuliana

      So right! The Bible tells us the Holy Spirit prays through us and prays the perfect will of God concerning our lives and the lives of others. It is also correct you cannot make up your own prayer language, nor fake the Baptism of the Holy Ghost! It is something that can only come from a born again spirit!! Thank you, Pit for your comment. It is good to hear what others have been through! It helps us know we are ‘normal’ and we are not to shy away from the fullness of the Holy Spirit, but we can embrace it!! Blessings to you! Juliana

      • patrick shore

        Yes, it’s a gateway into BIGGER things… Plenty of things !!! Thank You Holy Spirit!!!

      • simplyjuliana

        Amen!! Thank you, Patrick and God bless you!

  3. patrick

    very good!

    • simplyjuliana

      Praise God! I am glad you were blessed! Thank you for reading. Juliana

  4. How do I know if I do pray in tongues that it just me praying or is it the holy spirit praying through me or for me? Johnny.

    • simplyjuliana

      We cannot in any way imitate tongues. If you tried on your own to speak in tongues you would not be able to do it. The devil loves to come when you first get the filled with the Holy Ghost to tell you it is you making it up. Ask yourself, did you ever make it up before? The answer is, of course, no! He wants to bring doubt to make you fear letting go and letting God speak through you! First, you must be saved to receive this gift. If you are, God wants to give it to you and you simply have to ask. When you do, listen and you will hear in your spirit a new language coming to your heart. Speak it out! You are then baptised in the Holy Ghost! Practice it daily and as you do, God will increase your prayer language! I hope this explains it for you! God bless you!!! Juliana

  5. praying in tongues is every believers secret weapon .It brings healing to your body and it is powerful enough to change situation and bring revival to nations .It is time the body of Christ arise and seek this gift and those who have it, its time to start praying in tongues daily

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