I Fell In a Hole But I’m OOOOOkay!

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Well, sweet hubby got a jetpack thingy that gives me internet even when I am in the middle of nowhere for Christmas!!  He gave it to me early so I wouldn’t have blogging withdrawals!!

We are parked and set up for camp.  I am watching the water ripple and looking at the trees and hills on the other side of the camp.  It is gorgeous!!  Before all of the calm was the storm though.  It isn’t easy to set a trailer up.  Well, it isn’t easy for hubby and me.  I am basically useless and he is on his own.   I had one job and that was to make sure he backed in straight.  We rolled down the windows so he could hear me holler which way to turn the wheel (as though you can’t hear my voice from Texas to New York on a windy day!) and I began to holler, “More left, straighten her up, straight back, straight back!”

Hubby looks at me through the rear view mirror.  “Baby”, he says as a statement instead of sweet and caressingly.  “Hmmm?”  “Come look from here and tell me if this looks straight to you”.   I could tell from his tone it wasn’t but he just had to prove his point!  It looked straight from where I had been standing.  I walk to where he is sitting and take a look.  It was pretty crooked!  Actually there wasn’t anything straight about it!  “Nope, you gotta start all over!”  He then begins to tell me where I need  to stand and as I go to my “post” I fall into a hole and jam my knee and lower back! 

When I hurt myself, I always revert to a child of about three years old and go whining to hubby.  I go to the truck and say, “Baby, I stepped in a hole!” in a whiney, on the verge of tears voice.   I could see him fighting a grin with all of his might.  Remember he refers to me as “Lucy Ricardo“.    “I saw that”, he finally manages to get out!

I go straight for my cell phone and text Momma for her and Daddy to pray I didn’t incur terrible damage and that I am okay!  Thank God, I am okay!!  No broken bones, no sprain, no swelling! 

Soon we get hungry and in the town we are in are the best barbecue ribs you could possibly dream of!  We head for the restaurant.  I make a mental note NOT to step in the hole again, since when we get back it will be pitch black dark.  I think I am home free from any more “Lucy” episodes!  I mean what can happen with me sitting in a truck and simply walking into a restaurant??

We get to the restaurant and, of course, I have barbecue all over my hands when it is said and done.  I go around the restaurant taking pictures of their cute country signs while I wait for hubby to get out of the restroom.  I decide I better go while I have a chance and wash my sticky hands.  As I approach the restroom another lady beat me to it.  I wait and wait and wait!  I begin to think, “What could she possibly be doing in there??”  Then, I hear a portion of my answer.  Oh no!  The barbecue didn’t set well with her OR she had a bug.  I was not risking it!!

I go to the manager and ask her if I can use the men’s restroom.  “Sure sweetie, you go right on in”.  I was AMAZED!!  In a men’s restroom is the cleanest lavatory you will ever want to see!  Why is that??  Well, I will just let you think on it awhile!  I wash my hands and I see this great sign and wonder why hubby didn’t tell me about it.  It said just above the soap dispenser “smartest thing a man ever said:  ‘YES DEAR!”  I took a picture so y’all could see!  I loveeee that sign!!!!  Makes me wonder what else hubby hasn’t been telling me about the men’s restrooms!

I made it back to camp, didn’t step in the hole, and all is well!  We will just pray and agree it STAYS that way!  See you soon, precious reader!!



  1. You are a brave woman! My hubs ask me right after we met if I liked camping my reply” why yes I do right over there at the Hilton where they have room service” He goes by himself LOL

  2. Always love reading your blogs. Be careful and have fun!

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