How Good Is My God!!

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I am seeing a literal turn in the direction of my life!  Some people who have been teachers, mentors, and encouragers to me have prepared me for things that I see coming!  They are still in my life, but not to the extent they had been before.  It is like when the eagle pulls the comfortable places of the nest and the nest begins to poke and prod the little eagle to lift its wings to fly and take on it own life.

I see new teachers, mentors, and encouragers stepping up to help guide me to new places in God.  Some I have known for years and others I have known only a short time, but God orchestrated them to be here, filling me up with prayer and staying in agreement for those new places in God!  I look back and think how I could never have met these people if I had let fear and intimidation and nay sayers influence me.  I would have been influenced out of the most wonderful things that have ever happened to me in my entire life!

I look and realize as much as I know I am “in Him”, I truly had no idea just how powerful that is and to the what it truly meant!  No wonder Reverend Kenneth Hagin went through His entire Bible marking it in red!  Oh, praise God for a spirit of revelation and knowledge!  I look and see that when I tearfully turned 51, my life was just beginning and age truly is in the mind!  God renews my strength and health to run my race to the fullest!!

Now when I sing “Mighty is My God, Mighty is My King!”  how gratitude will flood me because I know the secret things God has shared with me and exactly how mighty He is about to show Himself to be on my families and my behalf!  Oh, the joy!!  I am so glad God said, “Whosoever will”.  I am so glad all of His children are His favorites and if we will just let ourselves trust the nature of God, Himself how gloriously joyful we will be!

I am so glad He is my Abba Father!  I am so glad Jesus is my Lord and my King!!!  I am blessed and blessed indeed!  I know 2013 will be a year of celebration of God’s love, kindness, tender mercies, and His love everlasting!!  I am so excited to see where this new year and new road will lead us all!

Blessings, dear reader!  You truly have no idea what a blessing to me you are!  See you soon!!


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  1. The spirit of your article is endearing and refreshing. Love that graphic; if you have a high-res print-quality version, it would make a great poster.

  2. Our God is so good! I feel the same thing about God bringing people into my life for a specific reason at a particular time. He has blessed me with people to encourage, teach and mentor me and I am forever changed because of their willingness to pour into me. I pray God uses me to do the same for others.

  3. We serve a Mighty Awesome God!

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