What a Wonderful Day With Auntie Em!!

Jan 3, 2013 by

melinda and me

This is Auntie Em and me.  I am in the black shirt and, of course, she is in the red jacket.  Auntie Em is one of my favorite people in the whole world!  We have been friends since the eighth grade.  She was a bridesmaid in my wedding 29 years ago.  We are both teachers (I am retired now), we are both authors, we are both wives and moms!  We get together every time she gets an extended break to have a blog party!  She is a very Godly woman!  We both blog about “God” things!

I am so very blessed with angels in the form of friends and she is one of them.  Today, my dear friend and pastor’s wife, Kathy, brought over lunch.  We had homemade potato soup, homemade croutons, Italian crackers and blackberry tea, and chocolate chip cookies with pecans.  Everything southern for these Texas gals!!

We decided to take pictures and that is when all joy broke out.  I don’t know what happened!  Auntie Em just looked at me and said, “Laugh” and I got so tickled I thought I would fall over!!  Then when it happened to me, she caught it!  Let me show you!

melinda and me 2     She has me so tickled here!               melinda and me 3   Now she has the giggles!

She reminds me of her daughter, Sunshine in that second picture!  We laughed and laughed some more.  I told her to let us take some silly face pictures and she replied to me, “I thought that is what these were!”  I didn’t tell her I look like this all the time!

Auntie Em and I love to talk about blogging, God, God, God, and God!  We think alike, believe the Word, and love Jesus!  How could you not feel joy over that??

I love Auntie Em!  Always have and I always will!  She is one of the dearest people I have ever known!  She taught me so much today.  She even helped me set up my giveaway on my ‘simplyjuliana’ Facebook page!  Hey, y’all ought to swing by there and put your name in for the prize!  Two $25.oo gift certificates to Barnes and Noble!

Auntie Em is a true genius!  I am not!  God sent Auntie Em to me to make up the difference and she is fun, too!  You know you really ought to go check her blog out!  She is full of good advice on marriage, recipes, budgeting, raising Godly children, and many other areas, too!

If you ever need an Auntie Em, hop over to her blog at http://auntieemsguide.wordpress.com/  You will be glad you did!  See you next time, dear reader!!


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  1. :) I think you are two very special ladies!

  2. Pack her in your suitcase if you ever come visit me! LOL!!!!

  3. Aww this was so fun! You are too sweet.. I told Randy about the bowls and I cried all over again!

    • I thought of it later, too and said, “God what took me so long to think of something so simple??” He said, “Because I chose the time!” I am so glad you were blessed! You deserve it and then some!!!! :)

  4. You had me laughing along with you! Texas Philly Style!

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