God Guarantees Your Success!

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God guarantees

The LORD will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand
to. The LORD your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.   Deuteronomy 28:8 NIV

When I taught school years ago, I was a HOSTS (an acronym that stands for Help One Student To Succeed) coordinator until I retired.  We went to a HOSTS  convention every year and this was the time we learned from other teachers.  Awards were given and a banquet thrown to honor HOSTS teachers from all over the United States

Every morning before our breakout sessions began we had a different speaker.  I would love to say each one affected my life greatly, especially since we had governors, senators, and various government representatives that attended.  Actually there was only one woman and only one part of her speech that actually hit me with something I could take with me the rest of my life.

I don’t remember her name but I will never forget her “agenda”!  She worked for the HOSTS Corporation.  She came in, in a lower level position and wanted to work her way to the top.  She craved success, but had no idea of how to meet it.  She did eventually became on of the executives of that company and did it in record time.  I think within a year she went from the ” bottom’  to some type of vice-president with them.  She began to talk about how she accomplished such a feat in such a small amount of time when at first she was “clueless” about how to do it. 

She found the most positive people she could and stuck to them like glue!  She listened to every word and took it to heart.  If there was a negative person who downed the company or anyone in the company in any way she removed herself from that conversation and stayed with the “positive” people.  She began to mimic the behavior of these successful people.  She learned “how” they worked and put it into practice in her own position.  She took on their attitudes.  Within three months she was “noticed” and promoted.  At that level she continued to seek out the positive and successful people at that level and before long she was promoted, again.  Her last sentence of her speech grabbed me and I shall never forget it.  She said,  “You will become who you are around the most”! 

People definitely influence you.  I am not saying we cast people aside.  If we did that how would they ever learn to change?  There is a category of  people who don’t want to change.  They are negative, arrogant, “it is my way or no way” and these are toxic attitudes.  Unless God gives you a special call and anointing for this type of person, they can and will drag you down.  Before you know it you begin to see the negative in everything and magnify it as they do.  These people we love, but from afar and we get to the “afar” place as fast as we can!  But, I have found there are more positive people in my life than negative, by far!

These people encourage you.  They are always saying something that teaches you, promotes your thinking and ideas to higher levels.  They walk in God’s love and do ALL according to His commands, not just pick what is easiest on the flesh!  I haven’t always been around these particular people, but in the past year that I have been it is like the anointing that is on them rubs off on me.  It causes those around them to be better people and causes them aspire to be even better for God! 

This last year of my life has been like no other!  God has done things in and for me I only dreamed of!  Suddenly, dreams turned to realities.  As my heart spilled over onto “paper” I got a good look at what was in it!  Some I was happy to see and some I was not.  Seeing yourself in print is a good thing.  What you read just seems to stick with you!  Thank God He gave me the courage to write the good, but also the not so good!  Thank God He helped me change it or I wouldn’t be living out my dreams right now!  I truly believe that. 

Stay with successful, full of the Holy Spirit people!  Stay with people who eat, breath, and drink the presence and Word of God in!  Stay with people who walk in God’s love toward others!  Learn all you can and act on and out what you learn!  You will be excited to see, before long you will be prospering in the spiritual.  It won’t be long until you will prosper in the physical, as well.  Where the spiritual goes the physical always follows!  If someone is spiritually corrupt their physical lives will be also.  If someone is spiritually successful, their physical lives will be also!  One definitely follows the other!  Stay with Godly people and watch the heights you meet in the physical.  The Bible says you will be headed for certain success and who doesn’t want that?

Blessings in abundance to you, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!  Juliana


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  1. I needed to hear this today. Thank you.

  2. GOD bless you and your family two and four-legged!


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