Real Angel Sightings in Joplin, Missouri…”Butterfly Men”

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Psalm 91

The Protection of the Most High

….He will give His angels orders concerning you,
to protect you in all your ways.
12 They will support you with their hands
so that you will not strike your foot against a stone.

There is often mentioned in the Bible that angels are ministering spirits.  Billy Graham even has a book that talks about angels and their role in our day-to-day lives.  This takes on a whole new meaning when we hear of live and real sightings of angels that are at scenes where people have been traumatized and almost killed.

Such a scene unfolded on May 22, 2011 in Joplin, Missouri.  When a monster F5 tornado hit this city, the effects were catastrophic to say the least.  Soon after the damage was done and the community began to come out of shock, stories of angels from heaven began to circulate.  None of these people were together when the stories were told.  They could not have known the angel sightings were seen by anyone else other than themselves.  Here are a few of the testimonies taken from Kenneth Copeland’s magazine “The Believer’s Voice of Victory“.  Every story you are about to read is true and documented!

-A sheriff’s deputy interviewed a  little boy found on the opposite side of town from where he had been lost.  “How did you get here?” the deputy asked.  “I flew with an angel,” the boy replied, adding that the angel also fed him. 

-One family that arrived for food at the church described what had happened to their 13-year-old daughter when the tornado struck.  The girl was in a car when a piece of metal broke through the windshield, impaling her to the seat.  When rescue workers arrived, instead of being terrified or in shock, the girl had remained calm “I am just fine,” she insisted.  “He told me I would be okay.”  “Who told you that?”  “Him!  Don’t you see Him?  He is right beside me.”  The “Him” she described was wearing clothes of glowing white material.  “He told me He would be with me until I went to surgery,” the girl explained.  “After that I won’t see Him again.  But, He said I would be alright.”  And, she was alright.  The metal that impaled her had missed her spinal column by a millimeter.  Three weeks after surgery, she was swimming.

-There were so many encounters with angels that little children around Joplin referred to them as “Butterfly Men”.  God uses people to do His bidding, but when people are not available then angels do what people cannot.  Psalm 91 specifically says we are protected on every side by angels.  According to Reverend Bill Winston, each individual person does not have just one angel, but thousands that guard us daily. 

God is a very present help in time of trouble!  He is also a help throughout the trouble and sees you through to the end of it!  As people flooded Joplin to help, Meals on Wheels was birthed to feed the respondents, as well as displaced families out of just one church.  I am sure there were more ministries birthed,  I am just not aware of them.  I do know, that help as far as my neighboring cities in Texas took food, water, and many non-perishable items from all over the community!

Never think God is not right on top of your situation.  Your need is not only known, but it is fervently attended to by God and His angels on your behalf!  God will never leave you helpless or alone.  Whether you see your “Butterfly Men” or not, never doubt they are there!

May God’s richest blessing be upon you, dear reader!   Juliana



  1. Amazing miracles to know about. Thank you so much for doing God’s work. I am strengthened even now with this knowledge. God bless you.

    • All glory to God!! Thank you!

    • Amen, glory to God, ALL IS WELL!!! That is what the little Shunamite woman told Elisha when all didn’t look well, but she refused to speak what she saw and only what God said! It turned out, ALL things turned in HER favor!! So shall it be for you!!

      • Your angel prayers meant the world to us this morning as the weaponized drones over swept and over whelmed our home. I knew I’d have a hard day ahead because of the many blessed tasks I have to do every day…I was able to get a few hours of rest as the morning light broke in the west, I live in Oregon, and now I am working out art lessons today which will be ‘Flowers’ to represent spring. I will post a story shortly about the weaponized drones that do damage to mama’s, papa’s and children worldwide, especially in USA. These drones use HAARP Tesla Technology and intercept as well as transmit electromagnetic energy waves into the very homes and cities and countries they so wish to send them to harm, genocide, afflict great misery and pain, maim, and torture billions of people yearly. Not only do HAARP energy waves genocide entire populations, but elite 1% few people in high places of bankers and corporations deal out the blows with Military assistance. India is in the throws now of great pains with buildings being targeted and people dying in the hundreds, as well as floods hitting the nation and countless families devastated, killed, and homes ruined as these people face hardship forever afterwards…just because they didn’t want GMO’s to feed their people or have Pepsi and Coke sold to their people and polluting the environment with the poisons associated. I should know. Coke and Pepsi were approved by the Obama panel to sell human fetus in their sodas, the information was out about this time last year, only many people such as myself were doubtful about this until now.
        Jamaica does not want GMO without labeling in their country. However, as a result, their country and people will suffer, because it was announced recently after these intentions of Jamaican people, that a HARSH EARTHQUAKE of great proportion would be hitting the area soon…we know why now do we not?

    • Peace to you as well, precious heart!!

  2. I live in Missouri and am just a short drive to Joplin. I went with a group from work the week after the tornado to help distribute food and clean up. Although many lost their lives, I was in complete shock that there were not more who perished. It literally looked like a war zone. Cars were stacked on top of each other with windows blown out. Buildings and houses looked like the game of “pick up sticks”. Trees stripped of their bark and cut in half. Devastation is the only word I can use. After seeing what I saw, there is no doubt in my mind that there were Heavenly guardians watching out. Thanks for posting this!

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