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Daily Bible Devotions-Two Can Put Ten Thousand To Flight




I am so sorry, dear reader, but when we put up the new “look” we lost some posts!  I am going to repost what I had up yesterday because it is so important!

We have been talking about the different types of prayer and one of the most effective types of prayer is the prayer of agreement.   As an example of this, today hubby called me and told me he had suffered with a terrible toothache throughout the night.  It would come and go with sharp jabs of pain inside the tooth!  Finally, it got so bad, he could no longer tolerate the pain! 

After leaving the dentist office, where he found out he had an abcessed tooth, he called me to agree with him that all pain leave his body in Jesus’ Name!  We prayed the prayer of agreement right on the phone.  He called me about 20 minutes later to tell me the pain suddenly left and it is almost midnight here and it hasn’t come back!  GLORY TO GOD!! 

This prayer is extremely powerful, and I have witnessed literal miracles after this prayer has been prayed.  Let us dive right into this subject a little deeper because it renders such tremendous results!


You may be mighty in prayer alone, but you can be mightier with someone joining you.  The Bible says that one will put one thousand to flight (meaning demons), but two will put ten thousand to flight (Leviticus 26:8;  Deut. 32:30).

In other words, you can do ten times as much with someone agreeing with you as you can by yourself.  That’s a good thought for you to meditate on.  There doesn’t have to be a great number of people for the prayer of agreement to work.  For example, a husband and a wife can become mighty partners in prayer.  The prayer of agreement requires just two of you on earth, agreeing according to God’s Word

I know this is a short one, but if I continue it will be too long!  We will get into this more tomorrow as we read “Wigglesworth and the Prayer of Agreement”.  You do not want to miss this timely word!!  It will turn your prayer time upside down!  Get ready to see quick and powerful results!!

Thank you for stopping by, precious reader!  Go with God as God goes with you!  I will see you soon!   Juliana

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12 Responses to “Daily Bible Devotions-Two Can Put Ten Thousand To Flight”

  1. Amen dear sister in Christ I do believe that touching & agreeing with another believer has a greater impact in prayer. Jesus agreed with the Father & the result gave us victory from the Cross. God bless

  2. Lisa says:

    I’ve always understood this verse to mean just what you stated Julia. However, when looking up this verse for my daughter in law, I read it as, How can one man put a thousand to flight and two, ten thousand if their god is NOT God {of Abraham Isac and Jacob}?

    • simplyjuliana says:

      I am sorry, Lisa, but I am confused as to why you are confused. What God do you think this article is referring to? By the way, my name is Juliana, not Julia. :) Maybe you have misread something. There is one God and He is God the Father, God the Son (Jesus), and God the Holy Spirit…He is the God this article speaks of. Hope this clears this up for you.

      • Lisa says:

        Please forgive me Juliana, I was praying and trying to write a comment at the same time. In reference to Deuteronomy 32:30-32
        30 How could one chase a thousand,
        And two put ten thousand to flight,
        Unless their Rock had sold them,
        And the Lord had surrendered them?
        31 For their rock is not like our Rock,
        Even our enemies themselves being judges.
        32 For their vine is of the vine of Sodom
        And of the fields of Gomorrah;
        Their grapes are grapes of gall,
        Their clusters are bitter.
        * After reading this it appears that these verses are asking a question about a few things* P.s. not sure why seem so offended, I was simply asking a question and with the Bible verses in front of you, maybe you can see “why” I was shocked when I read this verse {I have always heard these verses quoted simply as; 30 How could one chase a thousand,
        And two put ten thousand to flight, .
        **Note, in the rest of verse 30 it says; Unless their Rock had sold them,
        And the Lord had surrendered them?31 For their rock is not like our Rock,
        Even our enemies themselves being judges.
        32 For their vine is of the vine of Sodom
        And of the fields of Gomorrah;
        Their grapes are grapes of gall,
        Their clusters are bitter>

      • simplyjuliana says:

        You seem to be confused by verse 30. What the author is telling us here is, once again, Israel had left God and in doing so had ‘sold herself out’ to the enemy! In other words, the authority they had that God backed for them was forfeited by going into the traditions and idolatrous worship of the heathen. Instead of staying with God and being true to Him, in which case they could have easily and surely overtaken and defeated the enemy (and we know our enemies are not flesh and blood but the principalities that drive people who open the door for them). In the supernatural realm we have been given all power and authority through the use of Jesus’ name. Our lives must also reflect the right and responsibility to use that authority, and when they do and we are walking in agreement in the spirit, unity brings great authority and power to our prayer life. If you have more questions, the ‘Pulpit Commentary” gives a simple and good explanation which I have quoted here…”Verse 30. – If Israel were wise, they could easily overcome all their foes through the help of the Almighty (Leviticus 26:8); but having forsaken him, they were left by him, and so came under the power of the enemy.” Hope this clarifies your question. Blessings to you!

  3. yvette says:

    thanks for sharing on the power of agreement.

    • simplyjuliana says:

      Thank you, precious heart, for reading! I am so glad you were blessed…glory to God! I hope you stop by again very soon! Blessings! Juliana

  4. proverbsgirl says:

    The site looks great!

    • simplyjuliana says:

      Thank you, sweet friend!! I have been in meetings today and I can’t wait to get to your site and start getting blessed with what you have written today!! :)

      • proverbsgirl says:

        I want to get your book!!! Should I get it from BN or from you? What ever helps you the most is what I want to do. Let me know, my dear :-)

      • simplyjuliana says:

        Oh, so sorry I forgot you asked that! You can get it from bn.com or from amazon.com! It is titled “A Joyful Life Made Simple”. Let me know when you order and I will send you a free coffee cup!! Thank you so much!!! Blessings! Juliana

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