101 Ways To Keep Your Sanity This Summer

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So, we are going on weeks 3 of summer vacation and I have started asking myself those crazy questions again. You know, the ones that hit you every summer around the same time… “When is school starting back again?”, “Will I make it the next 2 months with all of my hair?” and “Do I have ear plugs in the house strong enough to block out all of the arguing out?”

So, I have put this list together for myself and because I KNOW I can’t be the ONLY one… I am sharing it with you!

Each spring I type up different fun ideas in Word, print them out and then cut them out in strips. After that, we put the strips of paper in a jar or shoe box. When we get bored, someone gets to pull a strip of paper from the jar or box and we HAVE to do what it says. These are some of the ideas I use…


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101 Fun Things To Do With Your Kiddos this Summer

So You Don’t Go Crazy


  1. Make Homemade Orange Creamsicle Pops {RECIPE HERE!}
  2. Make up an outdoor scavenger hunt.
  3. Put a puzzle together.
  4. Make cards or pictures for Grandma and mail them.
  5. Bake cookies and take them to a neighbor to show you care.
  6. Make a slip and slide out of black garbage bags, dish soap and water. (Be careful though, you don’t want to spend the rest of the day having fun in the ER)
  7. Have a Wii Dance Off.
  8. Go to the Park.
  9. Go to the Pool.
  10. Go to the Zoo.
  11. Go to a Splash Pad.
  12. Go to the Children’s Museum.
  13. Find a $1 Movie and go.
  14. Make a fort out of blankets.
  15. Make a Bike Wash.
  16. Make a Lemonade Stand.
  17. Bike Ride.
  18. Wash the car.
  19. Water Balloon War.
  20. Plant a container garden.
  21. Jump Rope.
  22. Hoola Hoop.
  23. Play a Board Game.
  24. Play Cards.
  25. Learn Magic Tricks.
  26. Mini Golf.
  27. Make a cool Bubble Blower. {CLICK HERE for instructions}
  28. Paint the sidewalk. {CLICK HERE for recipe}
  29. Make/Paint pet rocks.
  30. Legos.
  31. Go pick berries at a local farm.
  32. Make brownies.
  33. Play basketball.
  34. Start a summer journal.
  35. Make some fruity coconut water. {RECIPE HERE!}
  36. Home Depot kids workshop.
  37. Mad Libs.
  38. Make Tie-Dye Shirts.
  39. Library trip.
  40. Read-A-Thon.
  41. Visit a Farmer’s Market.
  42. Go for a walk.
  43. Walk the dog.
  44. Bake cupcakes and have fun decorating them.
  45. Go get some frozen yogurt! YUM!
  46. Make a “Caught Ya Being Good” Jar! {INSTRUCTIONS HERE}
  47. Make COOL Character Bookmarks. {SEE HOW HERE!}
  48. Read a book out loud.
  49. Make a Marshmallow Shooter. {SEE HOW HERE!}
  50. Make a mini book and write a short story.
  51. Finger Paint.
  52. Have a contest to see who can clean their room the fastest… and most efficient.
  53. Make robots out of old show boxes and toilet paper rolls.
  54. Make paper bag puppets and then put on a show!
  55. Visit the Fire Department.
  56. Attend an outdoor concert.
  57. Sign up for VBS.
  58. Go to the Beach!
  59. Fly a kite.
  60. Play dress up.
  61. Make an obstacle course out of your back yard and have races.
  62. Go fishing.
  63. Go camping in your back yard.
  64. Go bowling.
  65. Teach your kids to knit.
  66. Make friendship bracelets.
  67. Make bird seed feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter and seeds.
  68. Cut and paste with old magazines to make collages.
  69. Tour a factory.
  70. Make a homemade musical instrument.
  71. Play charades.
  72. Make play dough.
  73. Play Eye Spy.
  74. Participate in a free activity at Bass Pro Shop.
  75. Have a pajama day, enjoy movies and popcorn.
  76. Color.
  77. Write a poem.
  78. Play Kickball.
  79. Make Slime. {INSTRUCTIONS HERE!}
  80. Make a Marshmallow Construction Kit {FIND OUT HOW HERE!}
  81. Play Tic Tac Toe.
  82. Make a fun Paper Play Set. {INSTRUCTIONS HERE}
  83. Make paper airplanes.
  84. Learn to make paper origami.
  85. Make Pinwheels. {GO HERE}
  86. Make a mini bow and arrow set. {HERE}
  87. Make cereal necklaces.
  88. Play Hopscotch.
  89. Play Tag.
  90. Play hide-n-go-seek.
  91. Have a “no talking” contest.
  92. Grab a snowcone.
  93. Make homemade pizza!
  94. Make animals out of pipe cleaners and beads.
  95. Make a mini scrapbook of your summer vacation.
  96. Do bug crafts. {FIND IDEAS HERE!}
  97. Have a talent show.
  98. Water gun fight.
  99. Make smoothies. {IDEAS HERE!}
  100. Make 3D curly birds out of construction paper. {INSTRUCTIONS HERE}
  101. Go to the Dollar Tree and pick out ONE toy. :)


Now, that should keep us pretty busy! ;)

Keep Calm and Enjoy Summer. :)

What are you and your kiddos doing this summer for fun? I would LOVE to know!


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