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cody kate and meWhen you first find out you are going to be a mother, you hear all types of advice and things to expect.  You are told to play classical music and point the speakers toward your growing tummy and your baby will be musically inclined, to read the encyclopedia to it and they will be gifted, what stroller to get, what baby bed is best, what to do the nursery in, the best pediatricians to use, and the list goes on and on!  But, what you don’t hear about is the pain and agony you go through when they grow up and leave you.

My son lives in Arkansas.  He is a minister and I am so very blessed!!  Our vacation has been spent seeing him.  I don’t want to say good-bye, I don’t want to leave.  No amount of Chihuahuas (well, maybe one more…or two) take away the pain of my children growing up! You know it HAS to happen, is bound to happen, and something would be wrong if it didn’t, BUT there is no comfort in that either!

I still have my daughter and will for two more years, which I am grateful for (it makes her cry for some reason…go figure!).  But, empty nesting the second time is just as hard as it was the first time…why didn’t anyone tell me about this??  Is there a support group for this sort of thing???

I look at the love my children have for God and others, the way they love to serve, and to hear what they want for the future.  I love to see how they write scriptures and tape them to their mirrors and speak the word, knowing it in their hearts not just their heads!  I am blessed, so very blessed!

You never stop being a mother and they will never stop being your babies.  I will be fine…they just better realize they will never get too big for my lap or my rocking chair, no matter where that may be!  The book “I Love You Forever” is so true…I love you forever, and forever my baby you will be!



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  1. Sign me up!!! I need that group!!!;)

    I read that book literally hundreds of times to our oldest who just moved out less than a month ago…but PTL she comes home for weekends….so time for Mommy to adjust. :) Daddy too!

    Yes…the Lord grows us all in these moments of change. Truly growing pains if you ask me.;) But yes…these are new seasons in our lives and the Lord truly knows what it is to send His Child out…He knows our pains.

    Praying for you, Dear Friend….k

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