Flying, Wide Open!

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flying wide open

I haven’t blogged in some time.  I really felt the Lord calling me to a break from it all.  Yesterday, God gave me new direction and I’ll be filling you in on that.

I was posting recipes.  God had spoken to me to add them in, albeit temporarily.  I have to say, they were popular and I am glad I was able to share some things my mom and grandmother shared with me, but the purpose of this blog is not to share recipes.  I never intended it to be a recipe blog site

Jesus said it best when He said it isn’t what goes into the stomach that is important but what comes out of the mouth.  In other words, you have to eat, but more important than your physical body is the nurturing of your spirit!  What comes out of your mouth shows the substance of your heart and it also shows what your mind thinks about.  Your mouth shows you what you are made of and you will either speak life or death.  There is power in your tongue, so there is power in your mouth!

An acquaintance and fellow writer told me one time, “If you want readers, don’t write devotions.  People aren’t interested in devotions or Christian literature anymore.”  I felt like someone had slapped me!  Our lives should EVOLVE around Jesus.  You will only GO as far as you GROW.

  We need to know how to hear from God, how to get a grasp on God’s direction for our lives, how to have a spirit of wisdom and revelation at work within us.  Solomon didn’t ask for an exotic food or decorating sense or how to look like a ‘celebrity’ when God told him to ask anything from Him and He would grant it.  He asked for wisdom! 

 Wisdom should be the main thing we all are searching for, and if you are smart, you will search for it in Jesus Christ.  Even demons know Jesus is God so don’t pretend you don’t.  Deep down, you absolutely know it!!  Many just do not want to admit it.  Admit it while you can for the day will come when it will not be able to save you from hell and it will be too late…you will admit it one day anyway.  Every tongue is going to confess Jesus Christ is Lord the Bible says!  Do it now while you can still save your soul!!

You will find me bolder.  I am not here to pacify you, nor am I here to sooth wrong thinking.  I don’t mean to offend, but if the truth hurts then let it change you instead of fighting it.  You will lose every time!  The truth always stands…ALWAYS!  You are fighting a losing battle and why would anyone want to continue to be wrong?

I have found I don’t have to back down from any thing God has called me to do.  At the moment, I have sold my home and we are without a real address.  I am not homeless.  Thank God for a Christian couple who opened their home to us temporarily, but I had to let go of what I had to move into what God has and is preparing for me and my family.  I will be writing on more of this adventure in faith in the near future. 

I have gone from being ‘safe, steady as she goes, no changes’ to being a risk taker in God!  By faith, my family will step into literal air this Friday.  God will show us the direction we are to go as we listen and we will go where He says.  I guess you could say I am flying, wide open!   I hope you enjoy the journey with us.

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  1. I am grateful you have found your ‘Voice’ in The Lord. My baby blog is new, the stats unimpressive but I have been putting myself out there for Our God. We must do this as Christians! The time for idleness is over. May your journey be blessed…

    • simplyjuliana

      Thank you! I am excited about your blog!! I intend to visit it as soon as I am through writing this! We need every voice that is willing to speak up for Jesus!! The harvest is truly great, and I pray those who are truly searching find these Christian blogs and give themselves completely to our Lord and Saviour! Thank you for reading and hang in there…it takes some time, but your audience will build. Even if it didn’t, you are touching a life somewhere and Jesus left the 99 for the 1…the one is important!! God bless you, precious heart!! Juliana

  2. Keep speaking the Truth in love Dear Friend!! I am excited to see all the Lord’s will working in your life!! :) Keep serving Him well…k :)

    • simplyjuliana

      Thank you, K! I hope this didn’t sound harsh, but I have to be me and I have to do what God is telling me. I can’t worry about the status quo…I must be about my Father’s business…time is so short!

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