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Patiently Waiting

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God is not a man, so he does not lie. He is not human, so he does not change his mind. Has he ever spoken and failed to act? Has he ever promised and not carried it through?  Numbers 23:19

I have been patiently waiting for our next house to come open for a whole month.  How silly that sounds to my own ears, but living in  a one bedroom travel trailer is something that takes patience, organization (messes can pile up quickly), and grace to do.  I am so thankful God provided us with it and a place to park, but I am ready to ‘go home’.

I have found my ‘dream home’.  If you have bought a house recently or sold one you know there is so much to it.  In my naïve way, I kind of thought it would  be like going to the grocery store and getting whatever you needed, neatly placing it on the counter, and then paying and leaving.  How out of the ‘loop’ I am!

As I wait, I have found myself praying a familiar prayer.  ‘If it is okay with you, Father.  Thy will be done!  Don’t let us make a wrong move!!”  I have heard so many times, our lives can get messy because we didn’t say or do something a certain way and we caused our own demise.  Yes, that is true to a degree.  Something I have learned is God is not so uninvolved in our lives that He would let us totally mess it up beyond repair.  God is merciful and full of graciousness and compassion.  If your child were about to step into oncoming traffic, would you not reach out and grab them??  They have their own free will, yes, but you still have an element of control over situations in their lives when they are small.  God will not ‘control’ us, but He certainly will protect us when we are doing our best for Him.

I remember Joyce Meyer teaching once that God told her, “Joyce, I am not as hard to get along with as some make Me out to be.”  I know what He means when He says that.  I think people many times measure God by their authoritative and exacting bosses, abusive fathers, or controlling spouses.  We measure God by people and it will never compute that way!  Why?  Because you have tried to put the wrong variables together.

God is not a man.  He is not like people who live and deal with others by whims, moods, or personality types.  God is good and is love.  His very nature is compassion and mercy!  Do we try Him due to that?  Of course not!  But, we know God has only good planned for us and He will get that good to us!   

If you saw your child doing their best at school, yet struggling in a subject would you punish them?  If you are a good parent you would not. You would hire tutors, get them extra help, meet with their teacher to let them know you are aware there is a problem and you are there to help.  Why?  Because you know it isn’t that child’s fault.  You know they are doing all they are capable of doing and your love for your child has caused you to feel compassion toward them.  It has caused you to do things you would not normally have done to ensure your child’s success!

God is no different with us.  He gives full grace and leads us in ways we didn’t know to go on our own, to get us to the best place, at the right time for us.  

Thank God for reminders of his grace and mercy.  In the meantime, I will patiently wait knowing He can be fully trusted.


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2 Responses to “Patiently Waiting”

  1. Thank you for this post, Juliana. I am often struck by your sweet willingness to be real and vulnerable in your writing. Thank you dear Sister.
    So often we are asked by The Lord to take a risk and then wait upon His Good Grace. This proves to be an amazing period of personal honing and growth but not without some measure of sacrifice. In a recent post you mentioned the Lord communicated to your heart that He indeed will return very soon (mankind’s definition of soon). How true this is! Because of this, He seems to be asking many of us to “jump” in ways that are new and uncomfortable. I often think of the bootcamp experience soldiers must go through prior to deployment. Uncomfortable, far from home, and uncertain is their lot yet they are the souls who will fight for those who cannot or will not fight. You and your husband have the courage to heed God’s Call and respond with faith. This is the hallmark of His True Lights in the world.
    May your time of displacement be filled with the Lord’s Grace and Protection and may your dream home remain always your dwelling in the Lord’s sweet Heart~
    God Bless.

    • simplyjuliana says:

      This is one of the sweetest and wisest comments I have ever received…it is also a word of encouragement in due season. Thank you so very much for taking the time to let the Holy Spirit use you to give me a refreshing drink of encouragement!! I love where you said, ‘…may your dream home remain always your dwelling in the Lord’s sweet Heart.’ I had just told my husband not more than five minutes ago, after he gave me some very good news, how the prayer of agreement works, BUT what was most important was to love God and stay close in relationship with Him out of that love!! Thank you for this!!! You truly do not know how much this means to me on so many levels of my life!! God bless you abundantly, precious heart!! Juliana

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