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For My Friend and Former Classmate, Clay

clay fedrick

My former classmate and friend, Clay Fedrick.



I have a friend and classmate by the name of Clay Fedrick.  Clay is a hoot!  I haven’t seen him in many years but I see his posts on Facebook.  They are funny and thought provoking.  He asked some questions last night when he said he couldn’t sleep and I think they are good questions we should all consider!  This post is FOR Clay and FROM Clay…Food for thought!  Thank you, Clay for allowing me to post this!

Ok, I’ve been up since 2:00 for no reason. So now that I’m delirious from lack of sleep, I will ramble on about some stuff. Redskin potatoes need to change their name, it’s too controversial…… Thanks you to all the vets who are still fighting for our country, even in your own country……. If I can’t or won’t do my job I get fired. Why should it be any different for the government (or should I say politicians) We have no government just two parties dividing this country and waiting and wanting for a downfall, so they can issue martial law and take over everything……….. Why do we pay 100 bucks a month for cable and get almost 20 minutes of commercials for an hour long program? Isn’t that called double dipping?……….. Why do they say Obamacare is now the law and we must stick by it, when our first and second amendments are law too, and they are being ripped to shreds?……. If social security is an entitlement, I want all the money I paid into it with a check from the government with interest….How in the world have I kept up with eight pairs of black socks I bought over three years ago without losing any. Guess my dryer is racist, it only eats white socks……..

Feel free to comment!  I would love to know what you think about these issues, too!

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I Was Traumatized By the Great Outdoors Today!

This is a picture of what I thought I was getting….

camping what i pictured


This is what I got…and I have only been here thirty minutes!

camping what i got

Oh, there is nothing like the great outdoors to relax you!  You are with friends and family, you have brought your favorite games, Andy Griffith is ready to be popped in the DVD, Gracie is resting with her favorite toy snuggled against her, what in life could be wrong with this picture?  I am so glad you asked.  Let me list it all!

1.  Hubby  got a new battery for the travel trailer.  The old one was “dead”.  When He hooked up the new one sparks flew everywhere!

2.  He comes in a hot, sweaty mess and tells me the new battery is too big and he traded in the old one so it can’t be charged.

3.  I say, “Call Daddy!”

4.  Hubby calls Daddy and Daddy fixes it in seconds.  Hubby had the wrong wires hooked up and blew the electrical system out.  Daddy fixes all.

5.  We didn’t need a new battery, and the new one won’t fit.  Yep, Daddy fixed that, too!

6.  Hubby gets ready to hook up the trailer and blows the electrical system out again.

6.  I forget half my grocery list.

7.  We get to the campground and I use the restroom and when I flush…well, you can guess.

8.  I call hubby to come in, NOW and fix the toilet.  “Now” to hubby is fifteen minutes later.

9.   I ask hubby what he thinks “now” means and he tells me our cousins next door don’t have heat in their new trailer and he was in the middle of that.  We give each other “Help me be patient” looks!

10.  A nest of wasps try to attack hubby and cousins as they try to fix the heat.

11.  It is 106 degrees in the shade, I am menopausal and the air won’t cool.

12.  I start digging for my ashwagandha!!!!!!

13.  My cousin forgot to defrost the meat and we haven’t eaten all day, plus I forgot half my grocery list!  I was supposed to bring half the food.

14.  I forgot to put a puppy pad down for Gracie, she is crying, I wonder what on earth is wrong with her and then I find out all over the carpet!

That is just a small list of “it”.  But things did get better.  My cousin came over while I was blogging and I stopped to talk to her.  She tells me things she remembers when we were little girls and I tell her things I remember.  We stroll down memory lane for a bit and soon the list above is forgotten, peace settles into the trailer, I am clean and Gracie is sleeping blissfully beside me.

For a moment the world and all of its chaos stops and it isn’t even 2013 anymore.  We recall the days of the great revivals and the fervor people had in serving God and gathering in His presence back then.  I am so blessed I lived in that time.  I am so blessed I reconnected with my sweet cousin.  I am so blessed our husbands enjoy each other’s company and we are all of like precious faith!

Now the list doesn’t seem to even matter!  My aunt and uncle are coming and there will be more talks of the “good ole days” and I will have yet another memory to rack up to that list after tonight.  Suddenly, the ”great outdoors” really does seem great.  Have a great July 4th, precious reader!  I know I will!  Simply,  Juliana

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Just For Fun-What Is Going On Here??






For those of you who have followed this blog since its start a little over a year ago, it has evolved and grown into something I had no idea it would become.  What started out as a simple praise report about my mother’s life literally being saved by God, and MIRACULOUSLY so, became something  almost like a magazine!  I never intended to do a “Health and Wellness” section or a “Quick and Easy” recipe section.  It just happened!

I tend to write about things I have a passion for.  My first love and passion is God!  I have served Him almost my entire life and I still can’t get enough of His presence or His Word!!  As time went on, I felt led to start including the recipe section.  I remembered as a young bride, I had no idea how to cook anything except something from a “taco kit”.  I am not kidding when I say that! 

Years of practice and watching my grandmother and mother, along with a friend who is like a sister to me, I began to get a knack for it.  I have thought many times of young brides, young adults just graduating college and moving into their own place, or busy wives, mothers and dads and how many times they needed quick recipes, but easy to do as well.  This gave birth to my recipe section.

With Kim onboard, we also decided to offer healthy, organic eating (which she is incredible with).  You can check her out under the “Health and Wellness” tab.  You will be amazed at what a little tweaking can do for your long-term health!

I want to say thank you to our readers!  You have been with us for so long and we are adding new followers!  Thank you for ‘liking’ us and for letting us be a part of your lives!  We trust you are blessed, and know you certainly bless us! 

I am excited to see what God will do next!  Who knows where this journey will take us, but I am so glad you all are on this wild ride and adventure with us!  Blessings in abundance to you, precious reader!!  Simply,  Juliana

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A Sweet Gracie Story…:)

gracie after election day

                                 Gracie in her spot while I blog…she sleeps on an Aggie blanket because we are an Aggie family!   WHOOP!!  JOHNNY FOOTBALL!!


Gracie is my chihuahua.  She has a very, very sweet heart!  I had been away for a meeting one night this past week and while I was gone, Sunshine’s chihuahua had made a crying noise she nor my husband had ever heard.  She said it was just so sad!  I asked her what it sounded like and she was able to imitate it. 

If you don’t know about Chihuahuas, they are the quintessential lap-dog!  They are a baby  in a dog’s body.   They cry and sound just like a human child!  They want attention, love, and to be in your lap just like a human child!  They get the bad rap of being “ankle biters” or “the world evolves around me and me alone!” personas, etc..  I suppose some Chihuahuas in history have been like that, but ours are cuddlebugs, lovebugs, and angels!

As Sunshine made the crying noise, I decided to see if I could make it, too.  Obviously, I can imitate a chihuahua  very well.  Gracie, who was beside me, looked at me.  I continued to make the noise because her face began to take on expressions I had not seen her have.  First, she turned her head quizzically to stare at me.  Then, she began to get a sad look in her eyes.  Suddenly, as though she could not take my so-called distress any longer, she jumped on my arm and began to kiss me profusely on my cheek.  Of course, when she did everyone in the room emitted awwwws!

I have never seen such intense love and affection from any animal as what she has for me!  I am amazed by her sensitivity and her literal kindness and compassion!  I know she is just a dog, but animals have such a capacity to love, I truly cannot imagine anyone not wanting one!  They are loyal, protective, affectionate, loving,  and can truly sense what you need.  They know when you are in emotional distress and/or physical distress, and if you are fortunate enough to find that  special one you truly bond with, they will not leave you until the crisis is over;  Even then, it is reluctantly!

I will never make that sound again.  Her reaction was endearing, but at the same time heart wrenching!  We all felt so sorry for her!!  She is my special angel.   It is as though she was made just for me!  As I blog, she has her place by my side where she sleeps until I am finished.  She knows when the last letter is typed and all is in place, she will be cradled in my arms and her face will be showered with kisses!

I almost didn’t get Gracie, because of the reputation of Chihuahuas.  Would I have lost out had I not listened to my heart!  I thank God for her!  He truly made Gracie just for me, and yes, I believe that with all of my heart!

Good night, dear reader!  It is “Gracie time”. 

Faith Filled or Lazy?

gracie and daisy looking out of window 2 Gracie and Daisy in sunnier days!  :)

 At this moment rain is pounding against my window pane as I sit directly in front of it.  I am alone in the living room with two Chihuahuas barking, growling, mohawks standing!  I see the lightning and hear the thunder immediately after the flashes across the sky!  They say pounding rain means there is a tornado nearby.  Still, I sit and watch and try to calm Gracie and Daisy! 

I begin to wonder why I don’t just get up and move to another room.  I mean it does sound pretty ominous!  Even the plates on my dining room wall are rattling.  I think to myself, “Well, I am either a tremendous woman of faith or I need to be delivered of a horrific stronghold of LAZINESS

Gracie (mine) is calming and has settled beside me and is drifting to sleep.  Daisy (Sunshine’s) is lying on top of Gracie and is as close to me as she can possibly get.  Every once in a while I hear a slight whimper come from her tiny mouth.  I pet her and talk to her in soothing, cooing tones.  It seems to help.  I plead the blood of Jesus for complete safety for Sunshine who is driving home from work in this!  I know all is well because God is with her, the blood covers her, and satan can’t touch her! 

I begin to think how faithful my God is!  How I can trust Him with the most precious things and people in life I can possibly imagine.  I also begin to ease, I feel peace flood me and a security I, even as a writer, cannot explain.

I think we have identified what I am.  Faith filled!   That is until in the morning when hubby sees the dishwasher is still full…then he may want to debate the lazy part of this question!  Goodnight, precious reader!  See you soon!

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