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So What is it to You?

what is it to you

We have all heard this expression…So what’s it to you?  Do you know where it originated from?  Actually, it originated from Jesus and has been whittled down to a “slang” term meaning “How is this any of your business?”  My mother teaches a great lesson on this when she teaches on healing.

Years ago, the enemy really attacked our family in the area of health!  My dad was diagnosed with a terminal liver disease just one week after my grandfather died of a heart attack with no forewarning.   My daughter was thought to be a down syndrome baby.  My grandmother was hit from behind while she was at a dead stop to turn to go home and a woman rear-ended her going sixty miles per hour and paralyzed her from the neck down.  All of this happened in a four-month period.

I will tell you, dear reader,  you either go crazy or you get into the Bible and find out what God is willing to do for you!  Those are your only two options and I know because I lived it!  My mother and dad dug into the Word to find real answers not some silly theologians opinion!  The Holy Spirit taught my parents about healing and my dad is alive and well today because of it!  My daughter graduated sixth in her class in high school, went on to Texas A&M and graduated “cum laude” with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences.  When the doctors said my grandmother would never walk again, she did!   Am I bragging?  YES!  But, I am bragging on God and what He will do if you will do what He says.

During this time while Mother was learning about healing one of her big stumbling block questions which kept coming into her mind trying to rob her of God’s promise of healing was   “Well, if it is God’s will to heal everyone, then why didn’t so and so get healed?  They were a good Christian and had faith!”  There is a passage in the Bible where Jesus was speaking to Peter.  He told him he would one day be tied and taken to a place he did not want to be.  That he would suffer for the gospel.  Peter then looked at John and asked Jesus what about him?  Jesus then replied, “What has John to do with thee?”

I have said all of this to say something about a completely different subject.  I am a little miffed right now, so please bear with me.  I NEVER write anything other than what God lays on my heart.  I don’t just sit down and think, “Well, this sounds good.  I’ll just go with it!”  I wrote on President Bush who is hospitalized and I got a very nasty comment.  Amazing, it happens to be only the second since I have been blogging since March so I am thinking I am pretty blessed.  They criticized something President Bush allegedly had done when he was president years ago.  I don’t know if it actually happened or not, therefore we will not broach this subject.  But to this accuser and criticizer I would like to ask and ask with a smile on my face, “What has he to do with you?”  For all you know, he could have prayed and set that straight with God and you are now pronouncing judgement on what God has forgiven!  That is not a good idea.  For when you accuse someone God does not even condemn, you answer to God Himself and there are no debates with Him that you will win!! 

This is the problem with the world today.  We have too many chiefs and not enough indians as my dad always says.  Instead of bringing up everyone’s past, why don’t we work together to find solutions.  I say we ALL begin on our knees in prayer!!  I have blocked  this commentator with great pleasure!  My first problem is fixed there.  But our country faces much greater adversities than a silly person that is trying to get noticed.  Instead of criticizing, pray!   Prayer is more powerful than complaining, gives better and faster results, and brings great joy because it brings answers!  It is so simple, if we aren’t paying attention to the right things we will almost miss it!  Almost!

The White House chaplain himself said on the 700 Club when asked for what should we pray responded the most necessary thing was for America to pray for is WISDOM for our leaders!  Wisdom for ALL of our leaders!  The wisdom that comes from God!!  He wrote a book on it.  His name is Barry C. Black.   It is titled From the Hood to the Hill: A Story of Overcoming.

I think Reverend Black is worth listening to since he works with the senate every day of his life, instead of going on hearsay!  Prayer should begin immediately.  Division has gone on long enough!

I appreciate you, precious reader.  I wish you every blessing!  To my critics, thanks for the message you caused me to pray for God to give me!  This would not have been written if not for you!  And, I say that with a very big smile on my face!

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