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Chance to Win in the Give Away Ends Tomorrow!!! Act Fast!!



coffee and barnes and noble

Just a reminder the drawing for the two Barnes and Noble gift cards ends tomorrow.  All you have to do is ‘like’ simplyjuliana on Facebook and your name is in the drawing.  To double your opportunity to win ANOTHER 25.00  Barnes and Noble gift card ‘follow’ simplyjuliana right here on WordPress!  Your name then goes in twice!!  The winner or winners will be announced January 20!  Don’t miss out.  Just press a button and you are IN!!  How easy is that??  I am so excited!  I can’t wait to see who gets these cards you can also use for Starbucks and their yummy desserts, too!!

My First Give Away!!

coffee and barnes and noble

I’d like to open the drawing for the prize (a $25.00 Barnes and Noble Card!) to everyone who “likes” ‘simplyjuliana’ on Facebook. If you would like to put your name in for the drawing, “like” the ‘simplyjuliana’ Facebook page on the right hand side of this page!   That is all there is to it!  Please,  feel free to ‘like’ away!  :)

Do you want more chances to win a SECOND $25.00 Barnes and Noble card?      *Share my ‘simplyjuliana’ Facebook page with your friends.  For every new “like” that leaves a comment telling me you sent them, your name will go in one time.     *…Follow my blog at www.simplyjuliana.com (if you already do, leave a comment there saying you want to be in the drawing.)     *Refer your friends to follow my blog (www.simplyjuliana.com ).  Have them leave a comment telling me you sent them.  Your name goes in once for every new follower you send!
The opportunity to be eligible for the drawing will end January 15 and the drawing itself will be January 20!  Hurry!  You don’t have much time!  :)

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