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Christian Devotions-The Holy Spirit Helps Us Intercede

the holy spirit helps us intercede


I am so sorry, precious reader, I am late with the devotion today, but it is Sunshine’s BIRTHDAY!!  We had big plans, and I am just now able to get this up and running!  Let’s dig in, so grab your coffee/tea/soda/lemonade/whatever you like, and here we go!

We discussed in the last chapter how praying in tongues can enhance our prayer life and enable us to pray supernaturally as the Holy Spirit gives us utterance.

Now we will see how the Holy Spirit will help us as we intercede for others.  We can intercede with our understanding, as Abraham did, or we can intercede with out spirits in tongues or in groaning and travail.  But, we must keep in mind that intercession can only be accomplished by the leading and guiding of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s look in Romans 8 to gain insight on the Holy Spirit’s role as we intercede for others.

Romans 8:26

Amplified Bible (AMP)

26 So too the [Holy] Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance (in articulate speech).

Dr. P. C. Nelson, a Greek scholar, told me that the actual Greek reads, “…with groanings that cannot be uttered in articulate speech.”  Articulate speech means your regular kind of speech;  your native language.  Therefore, Romans 8:26 also includes praying in tongues and praying with groanings.  That agrees with what Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:14.

1 Corinthians 14:14

Amplified Bible (AMP)

14 For if I pray in an [unknown] tongue, my spirit [by the [a]Holy Spirit within me] prays, but my mind is unproductive [it bears no fruit and helps nobody].

Can you see the connection between Romans 8:26 and 1 Corinthians 14:14?   In both of these verses, the Holy Spirit enables our spirit to pray apart from our understanding.

According to Romans 8:26, we don’t always know for what to pray as we ought.  We think we do sometimes, but we don’t.  We can’t possibly know in our natural mind everything we should pray about in every situation and circumstance.

Therefore, praying with our understanding sometimes falls far short of what we ought to do in this kind of praying.  We should pray as much as we know in our understanding, of course.  But, sometimes just praying a few words in general for others really just salves a person’s conscience.

Ephesians 1:3 says, ” Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who hath blessed us with all spiritual blessings in heavenly places in Christ.”

You can say what you want or desire and even quote scriptures, but when it come to prayer, many times, especially in praying for others, we don’t know what to pray for as we ought.  But, thank God, the Spirit helps our infirmities.  An infirmity is any weakness, which would include a lack of knowledge about how to pray.  He makes intercession for us with groanings which cannot be uttered in articulate speech.  (Romans 8:26)

Again, this scripture does not mean prayer is something  the Holy Ghost does apart from you.  That would make the Holy Ghost responsible for your prayer life, and He isn’t.  YOU are responsible for your own prayer life.

Notice also the Bible says in Romans 8:26 that the Holy Spirit HELPS the believer in prayer.  The Holy Ghost is not sent to actually do your praying for you.  He is sent to help you in every aspect of life and to help you in your prayer life as well.

Source: Kenneth E. Hagin/Bible Prayer Study Course



Christian Devotions-Praying in Tongues Is Unselfish Prayer




Today’s Christian Devotion is our continued study of “Praying with Tongues” by Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin.  Grab your coffee and let’s dig right in!

There are representatives in other countries who we need to back up in prayer.  Our praying does not need to be so self-centered.  Sometimes the extent of our praying is for our families.  Some churches pray only for the local church; those people’s prayers are selfish.  We should be interested in everyone everywhere.  We need a worldwide vision.

I believe we should be interested in our local church, and, certainly, we should be praying for our own families.  But we should not pray only for our families and local church and neglect everything else!

Some people are not concerned about others.  I can remember when in Pentecostal circles we were just after the saving of souls.  We didn’t care who they were, whether they came out of the denominationtional church or not, we just wanted to see souls saved and baptized in the Holy Ghost.  I am still that way.  I have never changed.

Also, there are many who always have the attitude in life, What am I going to get out of it?  That, too, is selfish and shows a lack of praying in the Spirit and walking in the light of His Word.

For example, once I was supposed to hold a meeting in a certain city, and six other churches were going to cooperate.  A man who was the manager of my meetings at the time set the meeting up.  We spent several hundred dollars on advertisement. Each of these churches was going to share the cost of the advertisement.   However, at the last minute, five out of the six churches backed out.  My manager asked these men why they were not going to participate in these citywide meetings.

The minister replied, “We have been thinking about it.  If we go over to that church meeting, some of our members may like it better over there and they might decide to stay.  So we are not going along with the meetings.”

My manager said to them, “Why, Brethren, what am I going to do?  I have told Brother Hagin that you were all cooperating and he has already spent all of this money advertising for the meetings.”

They said, “We can’t help that.  We are not going to support the meetings!”

My manager said, “Brother Hagin is going to think you are all liars.  If that is not lying, please tell me what it is.  If a man is selling an automobile, for example, and he said to you, “This automobile is perfectly all right.  I just drove it and it is just fine.  This has been my own personal car.”  Then if you buy it and find out it was not his own personal car and he didn’t know what he was talking about –that the automobile needed a lot of repair–wouldn’t you accuse that fellow of lying?”

They replied, “Yes.”

He said, “Well, that man didn’t lie about that car any more than you did about those meetings!”

But every one of those fellows backed out of the meeting anyway.  We went ahead and had a great meeting.  The house was full, and some of those ministers’ church members attended the meetings anyway.

We should never go to prayer with the attitude, What am I going to get out of it?  If we do that, whether we are a preacher of a layperson, we are wrong.  Those ministers could not have been doing very much praying in tongues and feeding on the Word.

We cannot spend our time praying in tongues and fellowshipping with God without the very love and nature of God permeating our being.  And the more we pray in tongues, the less selfish we will become and it will show up in our relationships with our fellow man.

As I said, tongues is the gateway into the supernatural in our Christian walk.  There are wonderful blessing in store for believers who receive the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues.  And once you have had that initial experience, you continue to keep tongues a flowing stream in your life.  To reach the potential we have in Christ for supernatural praying and supernatural living, we cannot neglect this precious gift of speaking in tongues. 

Thank you for stopping by, precious reader!  I trust you were mightily blessed!  Blessings in abundance!!   Juliana

Christian Devotions-Tongues: A Means of Praying Supernaturally, Part 2

a means of praying supernaturally

Christian Devotions

Welcome back to our series on the baptism in the Holy Spirit!  We are still studying from Rev. Kenneth E. Hagin‘s “Bible Prayer Study Course”.  It has been a refresher for me, and I hope you are enjoying it, dear reader!!  Grab your coffee or tea and let’s dive right in!

A friend whom I had known since he was a child, became a minister when he grew up.  When he was in his early twenties he went to prach a service one night, and on the way back home, a fellow who was weaving all over the highway in his automobile hit this minister’s car head on.

At this time the young minister and his wife were living with the minister’s father who was a pastor.  The father got a call from the hospital and was told that his son had been in a car wreck.

When the father got there, the doctors told him that his son’s neck and back were broken, and that he was paralyzed from his waist down and was unconscious.  The doctor said the young minister would always be paralyzed to some extent, and they doubted if he would ever make much improvement.  Actually, the doctors couldn’t believe he wasn’t dead.  They put him in a full body cast.  His neck and his back were broken, and he was unconscious.  The father stayed by his son’s bedside all night.  At one point, his son had temporarily regained consciousness but had again lapsed back into unconsciousness.

The next night when the father went to the hospital, the young man was still unconscious.  The father told the nurses he was going to stay and pray at his son’s bedside.

The young minister regained consciousness for a little while again that night.  The father told his son to blink his eyes if he could understand what he was saying to him, so the son blinked his eyes.  Then the young man lapsed back into unconsciousness.  The father stayed and prayed.  He began to pray at 8:00 in the evening.  At 12:00 midnight, the father was still praying in tongues.  He heard the nurse come in but he never opened his eyes; he just kept praying in tongues.  He prayed about ten hours in tongues.

Early the next morning at almost 6:00, the father got up and went over to his son.  He saw that his son was lying there with his eyes open.  He asked his son if he could hear him, and his son spoke up and said he could.  The young man told his father that he was alright and that God had healed him.  The young man began to wiggle his fingers and toes; he had feeling all over his body.

The nurse and the doctor came in, and they both said it was truly amazing; it was a miracle!  The young minister told them that God had healed him and he wanted the doctor to take the cast off.  He told the doctor that he would find that the two breaks in his back and neck were healed and that he was alright. 

After much persuasion the doctor took the young minister and x-rayed his spine.  The doctor came back and said he just couldn’t believe it!  He couldn’t even find where his back had been broken.  God had mended it so that it was just as normal as it was before!  The doctor examined the X-rays again and still couldn’t find anything.  They kept the young man hospitalized for a day or two and kept checking him.  They told him to wear a neck brace for a little while, but he went home and took it off.

Years later this man was still alright.  He’s been out preaching the gospel for years.  The church had prayed about it, but the father got the job done when he began to pray in the Spirit.  He got the help of the Holy Ghost.  You increase your power in prayer one hundred percent by praying in other tongues!

Many times I have prayed in tongues for hours, and in tha time the tongues have changed and I have spoken half a dozen different tongues or languages.  Many times as the tongues would change, God would let me see foreign people.  I would see foreign houses or buildings.  That vision would stay before me all the time I was praying in tongues.  I didn’t know what tongues I was praying in, but I knew I was praying for those foreign people in their native tongue.

In some cases, I would later pick up a Pentecostal magazine and see the picture of he very folks for whom I was praying.  I would read about a revival that broke out in that area.  I believe the Spirit of God enabled me to have a part in it.  You can stay home and have a part in the work of God around the world.  There are more ways than one to “go” and take the gospel around the world.

No matter how much I read this, it blesses me.  Little did Rev. Hagin know at the time that the internet would exist and we would be able to write and minister to people all over the world!  I wonder if some dear grandmother prayed that in!!  If she did, what a reward she has coming in heaven!!!  Praise God, we can be missionaries to foreign countries in our living rooms, praying in the Spirit and writing what God wants ALL the earth to know…that He loves them and Jesus died to save them!! 

Come back tomorrow when we will be reading “Praying in Tongues is Unselfish Prayer”.  I know you will be blessed by the devotion!  Have a blessed day, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!  Juliana

Tongues: A Means of Praying Supernaturally/Part 1

tongues praying supernaturally 1

Christian Devotions


We are back to our “Prayer Bible Study Course” by  Reverend Kenneth Hagin, Sr..  I think this is one my favorite topics because it is something I practice daily as much as possible!  God has really ministered to be about things of the past, present and future during this type of prayer!  Many wonderful things have been birthed in the Lord and in my family while praying in the Spirit!  Grab your coffee or tea and let’s dig in to another wonderful time with Brother Hagin!

I want every Christian to know the joy of fellowshipping with the Lord in the Spirit.  As we discussed earlier, the Holy Spirit in you can help you with your praying.  The Bible says, “…my spirit (by the Holy Spirit within me) prays…” (1 Corinthians 14:14 Amplified Bible).

I cannot overestimate what this kind of praying meant to my life personally.  there is no way in the world to estimate its value.  I simply could never overestimate the value of praying in tongues. 

For example, I have traveled for many years away from home. And again and agin, if anything was happening at home about which I needed to be aware, the Holy Spirit would immediately alert me in my spirit.  I would wake up in the night and something on the inside of me would say, “Something is not right.  One fo the family members is in trouble. Something is wrong.”

Immediately I would say to the Holy Ghost (no, I do not pray to the Holy Ghost.  But He is a Person, a divine personality, and He is within me, and I do talk to Him), “I don’t know what is wrong, but You know everything.  You are in me as my helper.  Help me pray about this condition or situation the way it should be prayed about.”

Then I would begin to pray in tongues. I would pray on and on in tongues.  I have prayed as many as six hours in tongues.  Many times He will let me know what I am praying about and give me the answer to my prayer in the spirit.  Whether He shows me the answer then or not, in a few days I see the situation work out fine.  We can do work for God praying supernaturally in tongues.

I do fifty percent of my praying in tongues.  For instance, if my son or daughter or members of their families are having some trouble, I might not know what the trouble is.  I will tell the Lord that I don’t know for what to pray as I ought, but that I am looking to the Holy Spirit to help me.Sometimes I pray for my children for an hour in tongues.

Sometimes I’ll have a revelation or God will show me the answer.  He will show me just exactly what to do.  But whether or not you have any revelation about the situation you are praying about, just continue to pray in tongues because the Holy Spirit knows and He is taking hold with you against the problem.  that kind of praying gets the job done when nothing else will.

I have divided this into two parts because it is a bit lengthy, and it is so important to comprehend this so much!!  This is where your prayer power lays!  Don’t miss tomorrow’s Christian devotion where we will wrap this up before starting “Praying in Tongues is Unselfish Prayer”.  Blessings, dear reader!!  I will see you soon!   Juliana

Christian Devotions: Tongues: A Means of Magnifying God

Tongues a Means of Magnifying God

Christian Devotions

Good morning, precious reader!  As I mentioned yesterday I will be doing a Christian devotion series on praying in the Spirit.  I am basing my writings on Reverend Kenneth E. Hagin‘s “Bible Prayer Study Course”.  Everything you see in boldface and italics is from his book.  I love his writing because he made everything so simple and easy to grasp!   Grab your coffee or tea and let’s dig right in!

Tongues: A Means of Magnifying God

Speaking with tongues is also a way we can magnify God.  It says in Acts 10:46 concerning Cornelius and his household, “For they heard them speak with tongues, and MAGNIFY GOD….” 

I was a Christian minister for several years before I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit.  I used to go down to the barn and get up in the hayloft to pray.  I prayed and had some wonderful times with the Lord in prayer.

However, I still went away from those times disappointed, although I was blessed.  I would try to tell God how much I loved Him.  I would use all the descriptive adjectives I had at my disposal to tell God how wonderful He is.  I would exhaust my vocabulary and leave that place of prayer feeling disappointed in my spirit that I had not said what I wanted to say.  My spirit felt like I had cheated it.

It’s just like going to a restaurant to get something to eat.  I don’t mind paying for food when I get something to eat.  But, I don’t like walking up to the cash register to pay for something when my stomach is still crying, “You cheated me!”

I would go away from the place of prayer unsatisfied, with my spirit crying, “You cheated me.”  I didn’t know what it was that I was missing.  I knew that I was a child of God.  I knew that I had been healed by the power of God.  I knew I had been raised up from a deathbed.  I knew God called me to preach;  I even saw some get healed.  But I would go away from that place of prayer with something on the inside of me saying, “You cheated me.” because my spirit wanted to pray, too, apart from my understanding….my mind.

1 Corinthians 14:14

King James Version (KJV)

14 For if I pray in an unknown tongue, MY SPIRIT PRAYETH, but my understanding is unfruitful.

One thing I appreciate about being filled with the Holy Ghost is speaking with tongues.  From the day I was Spirit filled to this day, I have worshipped and magnified God, praying and singing in tongues, and I have communicated with God by this means every single day.

I have never again left the place of prayer with my spirit crying, “You cheated me.”  I have never left the place of prayer with the feeling that I didn’t say what I wanted to say because my spirit had been divinely enabled to say what it wanted to say by the Holy Spirit who indwells me.

I would not argue and fuss about it, but I simply feel sorry for folks who can’t see the truth of the Bible.  I want them to enjoy the blessings of God, too. Praise the Lord!  If I have something good, I want others to enjoy it.  

I want to invite you to come on in to this biblical experience of speaking in tongues and begin to communicate with God supernaturally through praying in the Spirit.  God want to do so much more for you.  He wants to communicate with you in a more effective means than just by your native language.  He wants to communicate with you supernaturally through the precious Holy Spirit. 

Some of you may be thinking that I believe this and AM baptized in the Holy Spirit because it is what my denomination has taught me.  But, before you go any further in that thinking let me tell you something.  I know tongue talking Baptists, Catholics, and Methodists!!  They are full of the Holy Ghost and power!!  They were not raised to know about this!  BUT, when they were taught about it, they didn’t reject the truth of the Word either!

I believe many never come into this fullness for one reason…FEAR!  The enemy makes them afraid of it, because he knows it is a language he cannot understand!  If he can’t understand it, and it is a fact it is a communication between you and God, then he can’t THWART it!!  satan is POWERLESS against it!  This is why he fights it so hard!!  Don’t believe the enemy of your soul!  God cannot and will not lie to you!  Trust Him in this area.  You will be so glad you did, and will never regret it!

Blessings, precious reader!  Tomorrow we will cover “Tongues:  A Means of PRAYING Supernaturally.  Don’t miss any of  these very important Christian devotions!!  I will see you soon!    Juliana


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