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Maw’s Gravy Train

This is a “secret” recipe my grandmother created and passed on to me.  We used to always laugh because you would think her recipes were FBI secrets locked away in a concrete vault somewhere!   I know if she could tell me from Heaven she would say, “I was so silly to not share!  I know better now…share away, Baby!”  So I am!  This recipe is called “Gravy Train” because when I was a little girl there was a dog food commercial that had a little puppy driving a covered wagon and he would drive it straight to the cabinet “Gravy Train” was kept in.   It was called this because it had gravy with the meat.  I began to call it “Gravy Train” because of all the gravy with the new potatoes  and it just stuck.   Here we go!

Step 1:  Boil until tender in salted water new potatoes (red potatoes).  Pour off all but about one fourth of the hot water.


Step 2:  Add 3 Tablespoons of butter or margarine…remember I am from Texas y’all…we do everything big!  :)


Step 3:  Stir melting butter until completely dissolved!


Step 4:  Using “All Purpose Flour” you will begin to make the gravy.  This is where it gets a little dicey, but it is worth it!


Step 4, part 2:  Add 2- 3 heaping Tablespoons of flour to a cup.


Step 5:  Add approximately one fourth cup milk.


Step 6:  Whisk gravy until smooth.  You may have to add more milk or flour.  You want it to be soupy but not watery!!


Step 7:  Add flour mixture to potatoes and stir over medium heat continuously.  Gravy will begin to thicken.  Don’t lose heart at first…it will be very watery, but it will eventually thicken!  After it thickens, taste to see if salt is needed.  You may add pepper if you like, too!


Voila!  Plate and serve.  As you can see, I serve mine with meatloaf and purple hull peas.  Yummo!!  Enjoy!



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