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Hillbilly Living, Travel Trailer Style…Ending Soon

maw and big daddy's country living


I look over the past five months and they are bittersweet.  Great memories were made with my parents I would not have had, had we not sold our home.   I cherish those days!  I learned how to cook on a gas stove without blowing the whole thing up or even starting a fire!  For this Lucy, that is HUGE!!  I learned how to throw breakers back on, what causes them to blow in the first place, and learned a bit about electricity and wiring.   Not too shabby!

Our days in this lifestyle are quickly ending.  The appraiser for the new house has been scheduled, and in the meantime, I lie in bed at night and ‘daydream’ of every nook and cranny of the new house and where I am going to put every piece of furniture, hang every picture, and what color valances I put up will be.

Yesterday, Momma and I went to shop for shower curtains…another precious memory for me.  After almost losing her 2 years ago, I grab and hold every one I get!  I turned Momma loose basically.  We had so much fun oohing and ahhing  over shower curtains, towels, fingertip towels, and throw rugs!  

I see hubby on his cherished riding lawn mower mowing a gorgeous 4.5 acres.   His Aggie hat is on his head and a smile is on his face as he rides the mower to a grove of Oaks near the edge of the property line where deer often come out to play and graze.  His dream has come true, too!  

Things I have needed for the new house I have found very easily!  I can see God leading me even in the most simple of things concerning this new adventure, and great beginning of this new journey!

I have come to love the lady we are buying this house from.  I never knew she lived in our town.  How can I be somewhere for 53 years, live in a small town and not know everyone in it?  She is a jewel!  There is no way to NOT love her!!

She is a Christian lady and a very godly woman.  The moment I met her I liked her.  Warmth emanates from her smile and gentleness from her kind eyes.  She is selfless and giving!  I look forward to little things to tell her because it gives me an excuse to talk to her.  

We talk about things with the house, but our great pleasure is when we talk about the Lord.  She goes through the same emotions about the house I do.  She voices them to me and it is as if she has read my mind.  I confess I have those thoughts about all of this, too.  We laugh because our beliefs, emotions, and opinions are so similar!  In some cases they are identical!  I have found a friend for life I believe…oh, how God thinks of everything!

Laugh or Cry? Good Question!



I think if God had showed me my life from the beginning to the point I am now, I would have laughed and cried at the same time.  It has not been the ride I expected.

You learn a great deal about yourself when you go through rough times.  Now,  it hasn’t been all that rough lately, but I do wonder what God is up to.  For the life of me I cannot figure it out!  To catch you up if you are new let me fill you in.  About 6+ months ago, when I was in prayer, God spoke to me to sell our house.  Hubby prayed about it, too and up on the market it went.  It sold for the full amount we were asking lickety split!  Now, we live in a travel trailer because we cannot find the next home.

During this time we have felt God’s grace and peace on us, but I am beginning to feel unsettled.  I want my house, I want to know where it is, and I want to know what our purpose in all of this has been and what it is to be.  I have offered everything to God…my life, our possessions, and if anything is left I truly don’t know what it is!

I have a cousin who is in her eighties.  She is beautiful, sassy, still wears high heels every day of her life, and she is a free spirit.  She and her husband have been in the ministry for over 60 years.  I remember them coming home from ministers’ conferences and Momma would get a phone call and my cousin would say, “Well, we are packing up and moving to Kansas!  We have decided to pastor a church there!’  We would drive to their house across town, and true to my cousin’s adventurous nature and words, there would be her husband’s truck and her car loaded up with boxes of towels, kitchen supplies, and pieces of furniture.

I remember this same cousin once sold every possession they owned and bought a travel trailer (this was in the 70’s) and they went on the road to be evangelists.  She home schooled her son, their daughter was in college, and off they went as we waved until we could see them no more.

Many people tell me I look like this cousin.  I can see it profoundly!  I look in the mirror and there is her face staring back at me.  Many tell me I act like her, which I never agreed with.  Since we sold our house, I am beginning to see it more.  I can see selling everything we own, packing up, applying for seminary, and graduating to other  things in life.

I have done things lately I never thought I could do.  I can fix full meals on a gas travel trailer stove without blowing us all sky-high or without catching the whole place on fire!  I truly never thought I could do that!  I even deep-fried hot water cornbread and lived to eat it!

I can see waving good-bye to friends and family to go into territory only God has been to ahead of us.  But, what if that isn’t what God sees?  Unless God builds the house the laborers labor in vain.  I tell the Lord, ‘God is this what You want?  Do you want us to sell all we have and pursue a life of service solely to and for you?  What do You want and why won’t You tell us?”  All my life I have waited for something it seems.  All my life I feel like I have been at the back of the line.  If that is where my place is that is fine, but why then do I feel it isn’t?  And if it isn’t,  then where?  I have so many questions and so few answers.  This one is ongoing.  I am still waiting to see the end of this new beginning…

My Mother, My Teacher


My mother has played a very dominant role in my life throughout my almost 53 years of living.  She was my Sunday School teacher when I was 6 years old, and she taught me the Bible.  I would sit on her bed when I was a little girl and Momma would begin to teach me things and quote scriptures to prove her point.

I was never an academic powerhouse.  I had a hard time hearing something for the first time and remembering it.  Repetiti0n and lots of it was the way I finally got it through my thick skull!   But, when Momma would quote the Bible to me, it was like my mind became a steel trap.  She only had to say it once and I had it forever, even until today, many years later.  

There were snippets when Momma would literally mentor me.  She was a busy lady because she went to college while I was in school and taught as a public school teacher many years after I was grown.  She was involved in various organizations and I didn’t always get ‘focused’ time with her.  Like all mothers and people in general, it is hard for us to stay focused and concentrated on one thing for long periods of time.  We don’t learn until later in life the ‘things’ really didn’t mean as much as we thought and our attention was wasted.  I don’t blame Momma for this because I fell into the same trap with my own children.

When Momma was focused on teaching me life’s lessons from the Bible, it was as though I was a sponge that couldn’t soak in enough!  Until this day it is that way.   My mother is 76 years old come May and I am anxious for more of these ‘mentoring’ times.

One day recently, Momma and I had to make a couple of trips to Houston, and fortunately my mom began to teach me invaluable things about Jesus!  I, yet again, soaked it in and craved more!  During Easter, her teaching began to surface in my mind and God began to feed into my spirit in a mighty way.  I had new information and I will never lose it!  It brought revelation in a way I will use today, and it will bring me great peace in the years to come.

I began to post some of it on Facebook.  Soon many shares began to show up and many retweets and favorited tweets on ‘twitter’ came from it.  Momma hates modern social media, but little did she know her message was literally going out to thousands!  You touch far more for Christ than you even can dream that you do!

I long for my mother to teach me more earnestly from her vast knowledge and wisdom.  No greater heritage could she leave me.  Nothing more valuable or comforting as the years progress and as long as Christ tarries His coming will I ever be given!  Everyone needs a mentor.

People want titles, initials, inventions, and legacies left after they are gone…they all mean squat compared to what you give from God’s mouth to your ear to someone else’s heart!  Change your priorities because if these are your priorities you are missing the whole boat!  Your significance is not in what YOU accomplish, but what GOD accomplishes through you!  Don’t let this be a cliché’ but a reality…please!  People need what God has planted inside of you!!

Jesus was a mentor to twelve, and you are expected to be a mentor as well…don’t lose the great reward of something you can never imagine may affect the future of so many.


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If God Had Shown Me My Future I Would Have….

moon at maw and big daddy's

If God had shown me my future I would have rolled with laughter!!   Today, I live in a travel trailer.  My husband and I sold our home of 25 years and we are off on a new journey.  Where this journey is taking us remains to be seen.

I thought of Ree Drummond, the ‘Pioneer Woman‘.  I LOVE her!  When I first discovered her, I literally sat up all night and read every word she had written about her adventures with ‘Marlboro Man‘.  I felt like a pioneer today and probably would have started a new blog about these new adventures with a title similar, but alas that name has been taken.  Maybe I’ll do one called ‘Trailer Travelin’ Momma“.  Cute, huh?

I lit a gas stove and lived to tell about it (the last time I got scared and hubby did it for me).  I made “Momma’s Award Winning Chili” to go on hot dogs or Frito Pie.  Not bad for someone who is in a room where there is a kitchen, booth dining table, and bedroom altogether!  I have to admit, I was pretty proud of myself and it was fun.

I am no longer having hot flashes!  My menopause seems to be completely cured!!  It may be because it is 31 degrees outside and a furnace in a travel trailer isn’t quite like central air and heat.  Nevertheless, I am quite comfortable!  I am warm on my left side, where the furnace blows, and my right side feels frozen.  I suppose that makes me just right down the middle!  :)

I look back over my life.  It has been a great one!   My marriage to hubby has literally been one ‘I Love Lucy‘ episode after the other for 30 years now.  We have two fantastic kids that I could not be more proud of.  If I just had my high school figure, again my world would almost be perfect!

I never dreamed I could do half the things I have done.  I have only been able to do them with God’s help, but I am in awe of the fact He had this planned for me all along.  He has fueled my dreams with His word and brought them to pass through faith and trust.  He amazes me to this day and I have served Him for 52 years!

I think of God and all the things He has done in my life and it gives me fresh courage for the unknown tomorrows.  I know He has my new home and it is better than I can imagine.  I know He has a purpose for hubby and me in helping and encouraging others.  I think of the scripture where He states we would not have believed it had He told us it is so great!  There again is my dream, and He is there building my faith and trust over and over!

This is the one time it is good to look back.  Never look back at the negativity, but the mighty things God did when no one else bothered to look your way much less help you.  Who could have known what a blessing that was!  It made you depend on God, and it showed you He truly NEVER leaves us or forsakes us.

Tomorrow, Momma and I go and look at more houses.  In the meantime, learning to squeeze groceries into a plywood ice chest will keep me preoccupied!

God bless you, dear reader!  See you soon!


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Momma’s Flat Iron Steak

Flat Iron Steak



I took notes while I was on the phone with Momma today.  This is haphazard but I will explain it the best way I can.  Momma cooked steaks for Daddy and herself.  Daddy was craving Maw’s ‘stove top’ steak.  and her steak on the stove is the best I have ever had, hands down!  She has been gone for over ten years and this is one thing I didn’t get to learn before she got sick.  There are two steaks.  A round steak cooked on top of the stove and a ‘flat iron’ steak cooked in the oven.  I am going to give you the directions to the steak cooked in the oven first.


Reynolds Wrap Grill and Oven Bags

Flat Iron steak

meat tenderizer (Tex-Joy)

garlic powder

Lawry’s Season All Salt

1/4 cup water


purple onion (optional)


 Season the flat iron steak to taste with the seasoning salt, garlic powder and the meat tenderizer on both sides and rub in well.  Make sure you season the sides of the steak, as well.  Marinate it for one hour.  Put your steak in your grill bag and follow the directions on the package.  Add purple onion to the top and cook in the oven on 425 for 20-25 minutes.  Enjoy!

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