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Verse of the Day…God’s Power is at Work in Us!

god did not give a spirit of fear

Verse of the Day

So sorry this is late, dear reader!  My Mother’s Day present came in and it required work that put my schedule off!  But, thank God for the blessing!!  Enjoy your day, and enjoy the verse!  See you soon!!  Juliana

2 Timothy 1:7

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity, but a spirit of power, of love and of self-discipline.

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coffee and barnes and noble

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A Beautiful Day With My Beautiful Mother!

a beautiful day

Today was a great day!  My mother had to drive to Houston to pick up my niece for Christmas shopping tomorrow.  She called me and told me about it and told me that she wanted to shop at Sam Moon (a fantastic bling store with great prices!!).  That was all it took.  I was in.  It is about two hours there and, naturally, two hours home.

We shopped great deals, got gifts, stocking stuffers and I swore to Mother God had to have a  Sam Moon in heaven and we were definitely getting a taste of it!!  Most of my heaven though is the fact I had my mother all day, all to myself!   We talked, laughed, and talked about the great things God is doing in our churches.  But the best part was, I had Momma all to myself!

This is the same one who almost died 3 months ago, the same one who was in total heart failure, the same one the doctor said it would be a miracle if she lived!  Yes, that one!!  We walked every inch of that store and it is thousands of square feet!  We looked at every earring, every bracelet, every ring, every necklace that place had.  My mother never missed a step!!  She actually drove, too!  Did I mention we did all this after she drove us to her beauty shop and she got her hair done?

We went and got my niece and had a wonderful Texas barbecue dinner and headed home.  We never stopped talking going or coming home!  This was one of the best days of my life!!  God gave me something no amount of money can afford…time with one of the people I love more than anything or anyone in the world.  Today, God gave me a beautiful day with my beautiful mom!

Goodnight, precious reader!  I hope you had a beautiful day, too!

I Am Blessed!

I Am Blessed!.

I Am Blessed!

I had a wonderful Mother’s Day!  I hope you did, too!  My family sent me flowers, took me to my favorite restaurant to eat.

I got the phone call every mother dreams of getting from my son, who told me how much he loves me and that he thinks I am the best mother in the world and how much he appreciates me!  Well, I’m glad he thinks so at least.

My daughter heard me mention one time after a commercial I would like to try an “Edible Arrangement” and flew home from church, just to go to the city to pick it up fresh!  She then posted on Facebook poems about what a Godly mother she has.  I cried tears of joy over the love my children have for me, and that they feel as they do!  My husband gave me gorgeous flowers, two beautiful cards…one from him and one from our chihuahua  :)

My brother and his beautiful family came in for a surprise visit and we had a wonderful time.  My, how my nieces are growing up far too fast!

I think the biggest highlight of my day though was the fact my mother is still alive and I was able to hug her and say, “I love you, Momma!  Happy Mother’s Day!”  That is the best thing that could ever happen to me on this special day!  I am truly blessed!!

Have a good night, precious reader.  I will “see” you tomorrow!  Thank you for dropping by.

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