Gracie…My Saving Grace

Oct 23, 2013 by

Gracie, my baby Chihuahua,  is pictured here wearing her costume for the Fall Festival at church.  She is going as a taco. ...

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Humor-Raining What???

Jul 1, 2013 by

   HUMOR Why do they call it raining cats and dogs?  Because one day a man stepped outside and stepped in a poodle!    (My daughter,...

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Laughter Does A Body Good̷...

Apr 18, 2013 by

One day a man is walking down the street when he sees an old man with a nice looking dog. He goes over to the man and asks:...

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A Sweet Gracie Story…:)

Mar 31, 2013 by

                                 Gracie in her spot while I blog…she sleeps on an Aggie blanket because we are an Aggie...

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And We Are Off!!

Jul 1, 2012 by

Just waiting for hubby to come back with the trailer to load up and head out.  Thank goodness this will not be as long of a trip as...

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