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Hillbilly Livin’ and Smoothies

 Since we sold our house, we have occupied a travel trailer until the quest for our new home is over.  I have noticed some unexpected things with our new lifestyle and one is, I am not getting the nutrients I need.  I noticed I was craving  vegetables and fruit.  This got my attention because I don’t like fruit!

Since my pregnancies, 25 plus years ago, I had heard you crave what your body needs.  If you are craving something, your body is missing a key nutrient found in that food.  I have heard a great deal about smoothies lately.  Soon I became so preoccupied with the ‘smoothie’ idea,  I  decided to research it.   I found smoothies offer a full days supply of vegetables and fruit and give you many key nutrients with just one serving.  

Today is my second day, and I must say, I do feel a difference for the better.  I don’t feel anything earth shattering, but I do feel I have more energy and I have noticed a considerable reduction in stomach acid and much less acid reflux.  This does surprise me!

This is my recipe, if you would like to break out your blender, too!

ingredients to smoothieI start with half of a banana, 1-2 large strawberries, 1 cup packed spinach, 1/4 of an avocado, and 2 teaspoons of peanut butter.  I do use a small amount of bottled water to make sure it is smooth and not a chunky consistency.

end result of smoothie


This is the result of my nutritious blend.  It is good, not spectacular.  I still have some experimenting to do.  I am not a big fan of bananas, so they will probably be replaced soon with pineapple.  I will let you know how it goes as I go!  Just feeling better is enough for me to say, ‘Bottoms up!’  :)

Blessings, dear reader!  See you soon!!





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“RecipesUs” Is A Treasure Trove of Yummy Recipes!


http://www.recipesus.com/ is a great place to find anything your appetite could want!  I have to share this site, not only because we are on it, but because it has an inexhaustible list of just about everything you could bake, fry, grill, or broil!   From delectable desserts to yummy main dishes you can whip up a complete and nutritious meal in nothing flat!  We are so happy to be a part of this website, and it just wouldn’t be fair to not spread the word!  Hop on over and give them a visit!

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Just For Fun-What Is Going On Here??






For those of you who have followed this blog since its start a little over a year ago, it has evolved and grown into something I had no idea it would become.  What started out as a simple praise report about my mother’s life literally being saved by God, and MIRACULOUSLY so, became something  almost like a magazine!  I never intended to do a “Health and Wellness” section or a “Quick and Easy” recipe section.  It just happened!

I tend to write about things I have a passion for.  My first love and passion is God!  I have served Him almost my entire life and I still can’t get enough of His presence or His Word!!  As time went on, I felt led to start including the recipe section.  I remembered as a young bride, I had no idea how to cook anything except something from a “taco kit”.  I am not kidding when I say that! 

Years of practice and watching my grandmother and mother, along with a friend who is like a sister to me, I began to get a knack for it.  I have thought many times of young brides, young adults just graduating college and moving into their own place, or busy wives, mothers and dads and how many times they needed quick recipes, but easy to do as well.  This gave birth to my recipe section.

With Kim onboard, we also decided to offer healthy, organic eating (which she is incredible with).  You can check her out under the “Health and Wellness” tab.  You will be amazed at what a little tweaking can do for your long-term health!

I want to say thank you to our readers!  You have been with us for so long and we are adding new followers!  Thank you for ‘liking’ us and for letting us be a part of your lives!  We trust you are blessed, and know you certainly bless us! 

I am excited to see what God will do next!  Who knows where this journey will take us, but I am so glad you all are on this wild ride and adventure with us!  Blessings in abundance to you, precious reader!!  Simply,  Juliana

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MAIN DISH EASY RECIPE- Easy Red Beans and Rice

pinto beans and rice

This is one of Aggie Girl’s favorite dishes!  It is easy, but there is a secret I am going to share with you!  For years, I tried to master my mother’s pinto bean recipe.  I did it over and over and over, just exactly like she told me.  Her beans always had a yummy gravy that would end up cooking out of the beans.  I NEVER got gravy, just a watery broth.  One day,  my Aggie girl was coming home from college for the weekend and I had promised pinto beans and rice as a treat.  I was running short on time, so instead of using the dried beans, I used canned.  I was petrified she would know the difference!  Lo and behold the beans,  after cooking on low for about 3 hours,  began to MAKE A GRAVY!!!  YAY!!!!!!!   So, it ended up being easier to make,  and the BEST beans I have ever had and it was  all by accident!   I serve this with rice and a baked cornbread.  For that recipe look for “Juliana’s Sweet Cornbread”.  Enjoy my friends!!


1 Tablespoon vegetable oil

1 sweet yellow onion (chopped)

3 cans Bushes Pinto Beans

2 Tablespoons garlic POWDER (make sure it isn’t salt, or it will be too salty for you)

1/2 can of water (you do want it slighly soupy at first…water will cook out)

Bay leaf (optional)


Sautee’ onion in oil until it is translucent.  Add the cans of beans, garlic POWDER, and water.  Turn on high heat and bring to a slight boil.  Cover and simmer for 3-4 hours (this can also be done in a slow cooker).  Check on it about every hours and stir making sure the beans are not sticking to the bottom, and not too much water is boiling out.  You may add more water as necessary, but you may have to add garlic powder and salt to taste if you do.  You do want a slight gravy to form.  Serve over rice.   If you would like cornbread, look for my recipe in “side dishes”.  If this was any easier you would be…SLEEPING!!  ENJOY!!




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Recipe-Three Ingredient Chicken

Three ingredient chicken


Well, I have been on facebook, again.  I found this terrific recipe on “Welcome Home”.  The words “Three Ingredient” caught my eye!  Who wants to work on the weekend?  I can’t imagine anything easier!  Recipe follows!  Enjoy!!

1 whole chicken cut up
2 packets Good Seasonings Dry Italian dressing mix
1/2 cup brown sugar

Mix the Italian Seasoning packet and the brown sugar. Coat the chicken in the mix on all sides. Next line a baking pan with foil (the sugar mix will caramelize and be sticky). Bake at 350 degrees for an hour or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees and skin is golden brown and krispy.

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