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We Are Redeemed By the Blood of Jesus!

verse of the day we have redemption by the blood of jesus

We have redemption in Him through His blood, the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace.        Ephesians 1:7 HCSB

You Are My God and I Will Exalt You!

You are my god and i will praise you

[ Salvation and Judgment on That Day ]  Yahweh, You are my God; I will exalt You. I will praise Your name, for You have accomplished wonders, plans formed long ago, with perfect faithfulness.         Isaiah 25:1 HCSB

God Guarantees Your Success!

God guarantees

The LORD will send a blessing on your barns and on everything you put your hand
to. The LORD your God will bless you in the land he is giving you.   Deuteronomy 28:8 NIV

When I taught school years ago, I was a HOSTS (an acronym that stands for Help One Student To Succeed) coordinator until I retired.  We went to a HOSTS  convention every year and this was the time we learned from other teachers.  Awards were given and a banquet thrown to honor HOSTS teachers from all over the United States

Every morning before our breakout sessions began we had a different speaker.  I would love to say each one affected my life greatly, especially since we had governors, senators, and various government representatives that attended.  Actually there was only one woman and only one part of her speech that actually hit me with something I could take with me the rest of my life.

I don’t remember her name but I will never forget her “agenda”!  She worked for the HOSTS Corporation.  She came in, in a lower level position and wanted to work her way to the top.  She craved success, but had no idea of how to meet it.  She did eventually became on of the executives of that company and did it in record time.  I think within a year she went from the ” bottom’  to some type of vice-president with them.  She began to talk about how she accomplished such a feat in such a small amount of time when at first she was “clueless” about how to do it. 

She found the most positive people she could and stuck to them like glue!  She listened to every word and took it to heart.  If there was a negative person who downed the company or anyone in the company in any way she removed herself from that conversation and stayed with the “positive” people.  She began to mimic the behavior of these successful people.  She learned “how” they worked and put it into practice in her own position.  She took on their attitudes.  Within three months she was “noticed” and promoted.  At that level she continued to seek out the positive and successful people at that level and before long she was promoted, again.  Her last sentence of her speech grabbed me and I shall never forget it.  She said,  “You will become who you are around the most”! 

People definitely influence you.  I am not saying we cast people aside.  If we did that how would they ever learn to change?  There is a category of  people who don’t want to change.  They are negative, arrogant, “it is my way or no way” and these are toxic attitudes.  Unless God gives you a special call and anointing for this type of person, they can and will drag you down.  Before you know it you begin to see the negative in everything and magnify it as they do.  These people we love, but from afar and we get to the “afar” place as fast as we can!  But, I have found there are more positive people in my life than negative, by far!

These people encourage you.  They are always saying something that teaches you, promotes your thinking and ideas to higher levels.  They walk in God’s love and do ALL according to His commands, not just pick what is easiest on the flesh!  I haven’t always been around these particular people, but in the past year that I have been it is like the anointing that is on them rubs off on me.  It causes those around them to be better people and causes them aspire to be even better for God! 

This last year of my life has been like no other!  God has done things in and for me I only dreamed of!  Suddenly, dreams turned to realities.  As my heart spilled over onto “paper” I got a good look at what was in it!  Some I was happy to see and some I was not.  Seeing yourself in print is a good thing.  What you read just seems to stick with you!  Thank God He gave me the courage to write the good, but also the not so good!  Thank God He helped me change it or I wouldn’t be living out my dreams right now!  I truly believe that. 

Stay with successful, full of the Holy Spirit people!  Stay with people who eat, breath, and drink the presence and Word of God in!  Stay with people who walk in God’s love toward others!  Learn all you can and act on and out what you learn!  You will be excited to see, before long you will be prospering in the spiritual.  It won’t be long until you will prosper in the physical, as well.  Where the spiritual goes the physical always follows!  If someone is spiritually corrupt their physical lives will be also.  If someone is spiritually successful, their physical lives will be also!  One definitely follows the other!  Stay with Godly people and watch the heights you meet in the physical.  The Bible says you will be headed for certain success and who doesn’t want that?

Blessings in abundance to you, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!  Juliana

One of Those Days…How to Reverse It!


When anxiety and fear appear, you know the devil is near!  Yes, I made that up all by myself!  :)  But, it is true!  For two days now the devil has tried to steal my joy, peace, and the belief in the milk of human kindness and he used Facebook to do it.  Thank God I know better and know how to turn it around.

I have had really GOOD pastors!!  Pastors that loved me, genuinely loved me!  Studied their days and some of their nights away so that my spiritual growth was assured!  What happened to them, you may ask.  They either retired or just became old and died leaving a wonderful legacy!!    I have had pastors with their own agenda, which the number one thing on that agenda was getting rich and flaunting their haves to the have nots.  I have had pastors that wanted to show you how smart they are so they take all of these commentaries and preach up a storm, just to find out the commentaries were wrong!  You don’t need commentaries to tell you, you are right if you will let the Holy Spirit lead and teach you.  They simply confirm what God has already taught you!

If you desire to grow leaps and bounds in the  Lord, become FULL of His knowledge and revelation I highly recommend Rev. Kenneth Hagin, Sr. and Jr. and Rev. Ken and Gloria Copeland, along with Rev. George Pearsons.  That will build a huge foundation for God to build upon!  When you hear something that is off, because you have a foundation that can’t be shaken,  then you know when you are hearing something that will make you say, “Huh???”  You won’t be blown about by every wind and doctrine and  you won’t have itching ears!  You will know the truth and it will set you free!  This is so important so that you don’t get sucked into the wrong church for the wrong reasons!  It is important to be informed, so that you are not a victim of cliches, “I want to be a favorite”, etc..

1.  In a good church, differences and misunderstandings should be handled in private and with decorum!  Matthew 18:15-17 says, ““If your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault, between you and him alone. If he listens to you, you have gained your brother. But if he does not listen, take one or two others along with you, that every charge may be established by the evidence of two or three witnesses. If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church. And if he refuses to listen even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.”  You don’t vent it from the pulpit where you describe it in such a way, everyone has no doubt who you are talking about!   You have only set that person up for humiliation, not loving correction.  Keep it private and as God directs, not a platform to vent!

2.  You should ALWAYS strive to keep peace, especially as a leader!  This does NOT mean you let sin go and let God deal with it alone!!  If your child was going to run in front of a car, would you say, “Well, God will tell Him that isn’t a good idea.  I don’t want to upset him by correcting him. It may drive him away from me and  I want him to be happy.”  Of course not!  But correction should be given in LOVE!   Love does not mean you never correct!!  “Pay attention to yourselves! If your brother sins, rebuke him, and if he repents, forgive him!”  Luke 17:3.  Make sure you are correcting in the right way!  ” 24 The Lord’s slave must not quarrel, but must be gentle to everyone, able to teach,[g] and patient, 25 instructing his opponents with gentleness. Perhaps God will grant them repentance leading them to the knowledge of the truth. 26 Then they may come to their senses and escape the Devil’s trap, having been captured by him to do his will.  2 Timothy 2:24-26.  Notice he says we are to be gentle to EVERYONE!  We are not just to be gentle to the babies in the nursery.  He did not say to only handle the youth group with kid gloves!  He did not say to only respect and be loving to the elderly!  He said TO EVERYONE!!!!  If you are a leader and you take your group on as something personal instead of as God’s children you have been put over as one who guides, instructs in the ways of the Word, and directs to go in the right direction, and you FAVOR them over the WHOLE BODY OF CHRIST,  repentance is in your future!  You will alienate others and you can easily run them away from your church to another and with deep hurt which YOU have caused!!  And what if the hurt is so deep they decide church is not a good place for them?  NO!  In no way is God in that!

3.  The Word of God is being taught in a practical, “I can use this in my personal life” manner.  Let me give as an example of Joel Osteen.  Joel has many critics, yet he is being met with great success!  The body of Christ is growing, people are being saved, healed and delivered!  Notice Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Ken and Gloria Copeland, Rhema, and I can name many more are giving the Word in such a way people understand how to live it in their everyday lives and FRUIT is being produced that makes their lives better and the lives of those around them.  They do not preach was Jonah in the belly of the whale 3 days or 4?  That is flaunting superficial, prideful,  so called knowledge they probably got from a commentary.  How does that save a marriage?  How does that help a grieving mother who is hanging on for dear life because they just lost their baby?  How does that help someone whose mate just walked out on them for someone else and now they are penniless and without comfort?  IT DOESN’T!!  God is always in the business of HELP AND DELIVERANCE!!

The Word and HOW GOD says to live is for a reason.  He knows all and instructs and corrects and gives guidelines to preserve the body of Christ, so that satan cannot get in and divide and conquer!!  Are you a mature Christian?  Are you a mature leader?  You know if you are if you are  living by God’s standards and not your emotions!

Take an inventory, just as I have had to do!  Oh, yes!  I found more than one area that had to be dealt with and handled!  But, instead of making excuses, I quickly said, “Father, I was WRONG!!  Forgive me!”  I also had to do some apologizing  and my flesh rebelled against it, but I am so glad I did it God’s way and did it quickly.  I want NO root of the enemy coming up and defiling any part of my life!

I hope if you recognize yourself in any of this, precious reader, you will do it as well.  It doesn’t mean you aren’t a good person or you aren’t striving to be the best for God you can be!  Praise God, He corrects those He loves!  Maybe we are both feeling pretty loved right now!  That is a better thing than we realize, but we will see the fruit and blessing of it and great joy shall be ours!  See you next time!

Don’t Envy Sinners

Proverbs 23

New Living Translation (NLT)

23 While dining with a ruler, pay attention to what is put before you. 2 If you are a big eater, put a knife to your throat; 3 don’t desire all the delicacies,  for he might be trying to trick you.

4 Don’t wear yourself out trying to get rich. Be wise enough to know when to quit. 5 In the blink of an eye wealth disappears, for it will sprout wings and fly away like an eagle.

6 Don’t eat with people who are stingy; don’t desire their delicacies. 7 They are always thinking about how much it costs.[a]  “Eat and drink,” they say, but they don’t mean it. 8 You will throw up what little you’ve eaten,  and your compliments will be wasted.

9 Don’t waste your breath on fools, for they will despise the wisest advice.

10 Don’t cheat your neighbor by moving the ancient boundary markers;  don’t take the land of defenseless orphans. 11 For their Redeemer[b] is strong;  he himself will bring their charges against you.

12 Commit yourself to instruction; listen carefully to words of knowledge.

13 Don’t fail to discipline your children. They won’t die if you spank them. 14 Physical discipline may well save them from death.[c]

15 My child,[d] if your heart is wise, my own heart will rejoice! 16 Everything in me will celebrate when you speak what is right.

17 Don’t envy sinners,  but always continue to fear the Lord. 18 You will be rewarded for this; your hope will not be disappointed.

19 My child, listen and be wise:  Keep your heart on the right course. 20 Do not carouse with drunkards or feast with gluttons, 21 for they are on their way to poverty, and too much sleep clothes them in rags.

22 Listen to your father, who gave you life, and don’t despise your mother when she is old. 23 Get the truth and never sell it;     also get wisdom, discipline, and good judgment. 24 The father of godly children has cause for joy.  What a pleasure to have children who are wise.[e] 25 So give your father and mother joy! May she who gave you birth be happy.

26 O my son, give me your heart.  May your eyes take delight in following my ways. 27 A prostitute is a dangerous trap;     a promiscuous woman is as dangerous as falling into a narrow well. 28 She hides and waits like a robber,     eager to make more men unfaithful.29 Who has anguish?   Who has sorrow? Who is always fighting? Who is always complaining?  Who has unnecessary bruises?   Who has bloodshot eyes? 30 It is the one who spends long hours in the taverns, trying out new drinks. 31 Don’t gaze at the wine, seeing how red it is, how it sparkles in the cup, how smoothly it goes down. 32 For in the end it bites like a poisonous snake;  it stings like a viper. 33 You will see hallucinations, and you will say crazy things. 34 You will stagger like a sailor tossed at sea, clinging to a swaying mast. 35 And you will say, “They hit me, but I didn’t feel it. I didn’t even know it when they beat me up. When will I wake up so I can look for another drink?”

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