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What a Day, Oh Glorious Day!

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Today is a very happy day for me.  I know there is a difference in joy and happiness, but today I have had the privilege of having both.  I am going into my second week of prayer with the Lord and I am anticipating it being incredible.

Today, I went to Sunday School and church.  Our praise and worship was wonderful and the message was so beautiful and anointed!  I love my church and I LOVE my pastors!! 

After church we went to my friend and fellow parishioner’s restaurant for the “Blue Plate Special” (just like on ‘The Andy Griffith Show‘).  It was yummy…hamburger steak and gravy, homemade mashed potatoes, corn, homemade rolls, fried okra, and banana pudding cake or “Soapapilla” cheesecake…if you got one you could have the other, too for just fifty cents.  It is a place where everyone is your neighbor, they know you by name, and they sit with you and chat while you eat as though you are family.  It is just a small town, warm, homey atmosphere!  

We came home for football, friends stopping in, and another great service followed tonight.  I am so grateful for my pastor, my church family, and the move of the Holy Spirit we have there.  The messages my pastor preached was right on target and I gleaned so much from them.  

I am off to bed soon, and as I go I go with a big smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart!  God is good and I am so grateful for His love for me and my family!  God bless you, sweet reader!


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Flying Under the Radar

 dove in god's hands


 Dear friends and readers, it is with mixed emotions I am writing this post to you.  I am going to be very, very upfront with you.  I have never been one to hide anything.  To me those who have to hide are those who have something to hide.  My life has always been an open book and it will always be.

Yesterday, I had an attack on my health.  It happened when I was at church.  I had taught my Sunday School class and as soon as it was over I began to feel ill.  All energy drained from my body, my heart began to pound fast, and I felt woozy.  I went downstairs to my husband and told him I could not stand up.   I had no energy to stand for a long period of time.

I sat down as the service started and continued to feel the energy drain from my body.  I found out last week, that my blood work suggested I was prediabetic.  I did not take the news well at first.  Cold fear went through me and questions about why.  I began to seriously take a long hard look at my diet and things I needed to change and did so immediately.  I continued to feel last week as though I could barely go and I blamed it on anemia.  It also came back in my blood work I had that, as well. 

I am not one to be ‘sick’ and I don’t do well with anything medical!  I was raised in a medical family and instead of me getting used to needles, tests, etc. I went in the opposite direction.  I want nothing to do with needles, tests, etc..  The doctor gave me the name of a supplement that helps keep blood sugar regulated, because I am NOT diabetic.  But, at the same time, I knew satan had diabetes planned for me. 

In the weeks leading up to the “diabetic testing”, it seemed I saw hundreds of commercials on different diabetic medications, the best meters for finger sticks, and so on.  I could tell the enemy was coming full force to get me to entertain the “what if” thoughts.  Finally, I broke down and had the test done.  In one month I went from completely normal blood work to blood work showing anemia, prediabetes, and he didn’t tell me what else.  That was enough for me to handle.

I began to feel panic trying to set in,  in the week to follow and I had to fight it.  Still, I felt no peace no matter what I did.  I tried various things to get my mind off of it.  Finally, yesterday when I couldn’t shake the hypoglycemic attack that hit me as I could in the past, the Lord spoke to me and said, “I want you off of Facebook and the telephone for two weeks.  I want you to isolate yourself unto Me until you are at peace.  I want you to “fly under the radar” so to speak.”

The first thing that came to mind was “Is this Biblical?”  God spoke to me of when Jesus went into the wilderness for 40 days and nights to fast and pray.  There will be people who will not agree with this decision and will try to let me know about it.  I cannot care what they think, I must to go with God.  I also thought at first this might be a depression trying to set in, but I knew deep down it wasn’t.  I know God and I must have communication and time alone! 

I remember when Creflo Dollar was diagnosed with prostate cancer.  He told Taffy not to let ANYONE talk to him for two weeks (I thought of this afterward).  He went to their bedroom and closed the door and went into a time of fasting and prayer.  At the end of two weeks, he went back to his doctor and there was no sign of cancer anywhere in his body!  What happened to him is the same thing with me.  I must clear my mind and become saturated in the presence of God!  I have to come to a peace that no one and no thing can give me but God, my Father, Himself!  This will show up on Facebook because I have my settings set to automatically publish, so friends and family will know what is going on, BUT I have not returned and will not until the time is up. 

Prayer warriors and intercessors, please remember me and my family during this time.  I know it is a time of new direction and mighty things.  God doesn’t call us to this type of prayer unless it is to bring  great and mighty  answers forth!!  God doesn’t call us to any type of prayer without the intention of answering it!   I rejoice and take comfort in knowing this.

God bless you, my friends!  I will see you soon!

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Bible Verse of the Day-God’s Word is Truth

gods word is truth


The entirety of Your word is truth, and all Your righteous judgments endure forever.        Psalm 119:160 HCSB

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Marriage and Family-Marriage Killer #4…Public Belittling

 don't belittle





Let no foul or polluting language, nor evil word nor unwholesome or worthless talk [ever] come out of your mouth, but only such [speech] as is good and beneficial to the spiritual progress of others, as is fitting to the need and the occasion, that it may be a blessing and give grace (God’s favor) to those who hear it.  Ephesians 4:29

18-19 People who shrug off deliberate deceptions,
    saying, “I didn’t mean it, I was only joking,”                                                                                                                                  
Are worse than careless campers
    who walk away from smoldering campfires.  Proverbs 26:18-19  The Message Bible

It is important to have friends and couples to socialize with throughout your marriage.  Whether you have been married 1 month or 50 years, you need couples of “like precious faith”.  Iron sharpens iron, and it is never a good idea go be an isolated sheep.  It is the isolated sheep the wolf always goes for because they are so unprotected.  They have no support system and everyone needs one!

Find the couples Sunday School class at church, or watch the bulletin for cook outs, game nights, fun trips, or a group going to a sporting event.  Build a support group with the people in your church!  With that being said, there can be some pitfalls to this, too!  Take these to heart so you don’t fall into them.

It is so important that you uplift your mate in public.  I have seen people do long-term damage to their spouses by trying to be funny and making them the butt of a joke.  I don’t care how funny that may be to a group, you, or anyone else, nobody likes to be made fun of or have their less than perfect traits brought out in public and poked fun at!  All this does is stir up strife, upset, and hurt feelings.  If this happens too much, it is very likely you will find yourself sitting at home and not going out anymore, or maybe even sitting at home alone! 

Every word spoken out of your mouth toward your mate, and others in the body of Christ should be uplifting and encouraging.  If something is bothering you about your spouse, you should not use the public as a platform to “correct” whatever it is.  Believe me, it will not get corrected through public embarrassment!

I have seen couples do this and I think they do it because they mistakenly think, if the world knows about what is bothering them at home, the spouse will stop it so they can’t be humiliated again.  How ridiculous does that sound?  It sounds ridiculous because that is what it is!  DO NOT AIR YOUR DIRTY LAUNDRY IN PUBLIC! 

Your spouse is not a joke and you should not be treating them as though they were.  So many things tie back to childhood!  What if your spouse was bullied, mocked, had the reputation of being the “school geek”.  When you do these types of things, even in fun, it is a reminder of uglier days gone by to them.  You should be the person your mate feels safest with!  You are the one they should be able to run to when it seems the whole world is imploding on them.  If you have been having fun at their expense, you will be like everyone else that has purposely hurt them and you will lose your mate’s respect toward you.  They will feel alone and isolated, even in the marriage where love is meant to be abounding and your role is to be supportive, especially emotionally!

Look closely at our scriptures and meditate on them.  1.  NEVER let anything that is not building up of another come out of your mouth!  2.  The  tongue is powerful and is many times likened to having the power that can set a forest ablaze!  Have you ever heard of someone’s temper set ablaze?  Then to say, “I was just kidding!”  makes it even worse!  Just because something is a joke to you, doesn’t automatically deem it funny to everyone else.

My husband and I had attended a social gathering with some other couples.  There was a man who was doing this very thing with his wife…laughing at her expense.  I don’t know what he thought, because some were laughing because they did think it was funny, others were laughing because they were uncomfortable, and she wasn’t laughing at all!  Her eyes were shooting daggers at her husband and he was completely unphased as he continued his stand up comic routine about her!  I can only imagine what happened when she got him home!!

Husbands and wives, if you want peace in your home, don’t breed contention outside of it!  It seems some people are just born contrary, but many times I have found, there is a root of it that is coming from somewhere other than “they were just born cranky”.  If your mate had told you something bothers them, then LISTEN!  Don’t do what they have told you bothers them, and then expect them to be happy and peaceful with you!    If you have been asked to stop and you don’t stop, YOU have bred the contention in that person and your life will be filled with something that is uncomfortable and aggravating for all.  Don’t press negative buttons, in other words,  and expect a loving and peaceful mate!

A loving, peaceful relationship is one that is always being cultivated!  Make sure we are good “husbandmen” of our homes!  In the long run, it will reap great and wonderful benefits!

Blessings to you, precious reader!!  I will see you soon!  Simply,  Juliana

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Life is Seldom as We Plan

Life lately has not been as I planned during this holiday.  Seldom does life work out according to my plans and, therefore, I have decided it would be silly to continue to try.   Oh, it isn’t that I won’t get up everyday and go through my morning and daily routine, or make plans to have a shopping date with a friend, but to plan my life out, my children’s lives, so on and so forth is now by the wayside and gaining distance daily!

As I thought about this the Lord  asked me a question.  He asked, “Has anything you ever planned worked out the way you planned it?”  Of course, we both knew the answer, but I knew He was getting me to think.  “No Sir”, I replied.  “Hasn’t it always turned out better than you thought?” “Yes Sir, it has.”  “Then why plan and get upset when it goes astray?”  How simple, yet profound!

Today I was asked to teach Sunday School.  I am ashamed to admit I didn’t look forward to it.  I had not taught in some time and I am too old to be chasing children…or so I thought.  This time all went pretty well.  I had two students, who were the age Bro. Arthur said they were this time.  I enjoyed them greatly!

Church began and what happened with Baby Travis was spoken about.  Then God moved mightily in our service.  I went to the altar just because I wanted to have a time of worship…I needed a time of worship!  As I knelt God spoke to me to go to my cousin Teresa and have her pray for me.  I have written about Teresa before.  She is funny, fun, and is very Godly!  I went to her and asked her to pray for me.  As she began to pray, she began to pray in the Spirit.  Then she interpreted what the Lord wanted me to know.  He was so sweet.  He called me a mighty woman and said when He had needed me I was ready and I went.  He said I did everything His Word said to do toward Travis, but in His sovereignty He had made the final decision to take Travis to be with Him.  That all was okay and I needed to know I did everything He wanted me to do.

I think deep down inside, I blamed myself somewhat.  What if I had not prayed the right scriptures?  What if I had given up too soon?  What if, what if, what if??  God was letting me know it was NO ONES fault…HE had decided what should be done and did it.  Does my mind really comprehend all of this?  No!  But that is okay because I know God knows best and I can trust Him with what I have no understanding of.  If I had the all the answers, it wouldn’t be called trust!

I am so glad I don’t have to keep the world together.  That I can relax knowing that I have a loving heavenly Father that never sleeps and is perfect in all of His ways.  A Father who watches over me and all things that concern me.  That I can rest and relax and know the best will always be done concerning me and my loved ones and it doesn’t depend on my so-called “perfection” or “imperfections”.  That I don’t have to plan it all out and make it all happen!   That I can sleep as a child would with a loving, watchful father by their side because every night of my life that is exactly what I have!

It is the same for you, precious reader!  If you are His child you are covered in all of your ways.  Cast the heaviness of your cares on Him because He cares greatly and watchfully for you!!  Blessings in abundance!  I will see you soon!!

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