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A Sweet Gracie Story…:)

gracie after election day

                                 Gracie in her spot while I blog…she sleeps on an Aggie blanket because we are an Aggie family!   WHOOP!!  JOHNNY FOOTBALL!!


Gracie is my chihuahua.  She has a very, very sweet heart!  I had been away for a meeting one night this past week and while I was gone, Sunshine’s chihuahua had made a crying noise she nor my husband had ever heard.  She said it was just so sad!  I asked her what it sounded like and she was able to imitate it. 

If you don’t know about Chihuahuas, they are the quintessential lap-dog!  They are a baby  in a dog’s body.   They cry and sound just like a human child!  They want attention, love, and to be in your lap just like a human child!  They get the bad rap of being “ankle biters” or “the world evolves around me and me alone!” personas, etc..  I suppose some Chihuahuas in history have been like that, but ours are cuddlebugs, lovebugs, and angels!

As Sunshine made the crying noise, I decided to see if I could make it, too.  Obviously, I can imitate a chihuahua  very well.  Gracie, who was beside me, looked at me.  I continued to make the noise because her face began to take on expressions I had not seen her have.  First, she turned her head quizzically to stare at me.  Then, she began to get a sad look in her eyes.  Suddenly, as though she could not take my so-called distress any longer, she jumped on my arm and began to kiss me profusely on my cheek.  Of course, when she did everyone in the room emitted awwwws!

I have never seen such intense love and affection from any animal as what she has for me!  I am amazed by her sensitivity and her literal kindness and compassion!  I know she is just a dog, but animals have such a capacity to love, I truly cannot imagine anyone not wanting one!  They are loyal, protective, affectionate, loving,  and can truly sense what you need.  They know when you are in emotional distress and/or physical distress, and if you are fortunate enough to find that  special one you truly bond with, they will not leave you until the crisis is over;  Even then, it is reluctantly!

I will never make that sound again.  Her reaction was endearing, but at the same time heart wrenching!  We all felt so sorry for her!!  She is my special angel.   It is as though she was made just for me!  As I blog, she has her place by my side where she sleeps until I am finished.  She knows when the last letter is typed and all is in place, she will be cradled in my arms and her face will be showered with kisses!

I almost didn’t get Gracie, because of the reputation of Chihuahuas.  Would I have lost out had I not listened to my heart!  I thank God for her!  He truly made Gracie just for me, and yes, I believe that with all of my heart!

Good night, dear reader!  It is “Gracie time”. 

He Gave All He Had to Give…Purpose to be a Giver, Not a Taker!

He Gave All He Had to Give…Purpose to be a Giver Not a Taker!.

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