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Recipe-Collard, Mustard, or Turnip Greens…All Yum!

mustard greens


The first thing I want after gorging myself with Thanksgiving richness is something light and clean!  Greens of any kind fit the bill!  They are nature’s own detox for the body!  Here is my recipe for all three types of “Greens”.  Some may want cornbread and green onions with it, but for me just pass the “Greens” and “Pot Liquor” (the juice from the Greens)!  If you have a ham bone left over that is fine to use, if not you may use bacon.  Enjoy!


Prewashed/packaged greens of your choice.  (I usually do mustard greens, 2-3 packages)

4-6 slices of bacon

3 Tablespoons of vegetable oil

salt to taste


Fill a large pot 1/2 full.  Add bacon, vegetable oil, and salt and bring to a boil.  Cover the pot and let the bacon boil for 20 minutes or until done.  Add your Greens (they will cook down) and stir well into the hot water.  Bring your water back to a boil and turn down the heat to a simmer.  Put the lid back on the pot and cook for 30-45 minutes.  Stir often and make sure your water does not evaporate.  You want to make sure the Greens stay covered!  Serve in a bowl when you are done…you don’t want to lose one drop of that delicious juice!!  Enjoy!

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Fulfilling Dreams and Visions

he leads me1


My Thanksgiving day was wonderful!  My Thanksgiving night was a nightmare!  I woke up with gastritis and all of its nasty symptoms!!  But, I had one of the best Thanksgivings I remember by far!

My mother had found an old box of pictures as she was cleaning out a closet a couple of weeks ago. She wanted me to go through them with her.   It contained old photos from when I was a baby and old, antique photos of my grandfather’s side of the family.  There were pictures of my great-grandfather and great-grandmother, great aunts and uncles, and cousins from years long past.  My mother began to tell me about each one.  Her favorite aunt, the cousin we had that was a Methodist missionary to Africa, and that is the one I couldn’t get enough answers about.

It seems this particular cousin had left at a young age to be a missionary to Africa.  He married and adopted a child from there.  That is the only thing I know.  I have searched high and low for him and there is nothing on google that comes close to him. 

It is my understanding, he married a sweet Methodist lady, they adopted a little boy, and my cousin died there working all of his life as a missionary.  He never quit or retired.  He served the Lord until the day he died.  It saddens me I cannot find out more.  As children we just aren’t interested and, as adults,  we often wait until the grandparents that could have told us everything we want to know have died, and the valuable information with them.

I don’t want birthdays and the dates of deaths.  I want details of lives, the dreams, the visions, the acts of kindness, their philosophy of what was really important!  I want the wisdom that accrued through the years.  I want to know if their children are alive and where they are.  

I have friend who prays in an abandoned cemetery.  This is a true story, as bizarre as it sounds.  I asked him why he did that.  He said it was because nobody is there at 6 a.m. and he won’t be interrupted or disturbed.  My friend is a very successful businessman.  There is always a demand on him for something.  This cemetery is his “alone” place with God.  You truly can’t get more quiet than that!

One day as my friend walked among the tombstones, praying, the Lord spoke to him and asked him to look and tell Him what He saw.  He told the Lord he just saw markers of where the dead had been buried.  God spoke to his heart and said, “No, what you are seeing is a dream that never became a reality, a cure for cancer that was never found, the evangelist that was to have been used by Me to bring thousands to salvation, the one who could have been a mighty leader in government and stopped catastrophes that didn’t have to take place, but they only saw themselves and their weaknesses.  They never grabbed hold to what I had planned to do through them, and so the cures, leadership, and ministries died with them.  You are seeing unfulfilled visions, purposes, and dead dreams.”

How sad, precious reader!  So many lives birthed to make a difference and  death came before the difference could because someone thought too much of what people thought or for their failure to prioritize God’s agenda over their own.  They let their own lack of belief in what God could do through them outweigh what God was waiting to do the entire time with them!

My cousin, Ralph was not one like that I don’t think.  He left on his mission, gave himself fully to it, and never returned because ministers never really retire.  There is always another soul to reach for, another person in need of healing, another young life to mold for Christ because there is no time to waste!  They always have that unction to keep going because that unction is the anointing and it never leaves us!

I will continue to search for any tidbit about Ralph I can get.  Maybe I will be able to find his son or grandchildren.  I must say, I am quite curious about this man who saw opportunity instead of obstacles!  I hope I have some of that in me! 

God bless you, dear reader!  I will see you soon!

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Happy Thanksgiving and a Special Thank You To My Readers!




happy thanksgiving4


I cannot let this day go by without saying Happy Thanksgiving to my WordPress family and readers!  This year has been phenomenal and I am praising God for it and sincerely thanking you!  Our numbers at simplyjuliana more than tripled this year and I NEVER received anything but positive feedback.

I started writing when I was 50 years old and 2 years later, here I still sit, thank God!  God is wonderful and He has blessed me beyond words.  I had no idea what all He had in store for me.  My mother,  who went into heart failure twice after open heart surgery that was unsuccessful in stopping atrial fiberlation, brushed death twice last year.  Today, she is healed and a feisty elderly woman, glory to God!  He healed her and restored her health before our eyes.  I also had health issues, and God has touched me in a mighty way and am feeling better daily!

Little did I know this little blog would turn into a book that would sell out on amazon twice.  God is good!  No matter what your age or what you have faced, God’s blessings await you in ways you never knew possible!  Never give up!!

Thank you for sharing a little of your day with me!  I praise God for you, precious reader!!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Surviving the Holidays…Alone

alone for the holidays


Turkeys by the millions have been bought along with cranberry sauce by this time.  The holidays have begun and cooking all over the United States is being done at a frenzied pace!  Time is short and every family is getting ready to put in place another year of traditions from Aunt Harriet‘s “Green Bean Casserole” to Momma‘s special dressing, or if you are from the north, stuffing!

For the holidays,  we go to my mother and dad’s for DAYS of celebrating.  The house is full of people!  There are thirteen of us and four of those thirteen are children, so it is an energized environment!  There is a constant buzz of chatter, laughter, and fun.  But, not all people are as blessed as I am during this time.  This year many will have nothing, literally nothing to eat for Thanksgiving.  Thank God for places like the Salvation Army, and in our area, Golden Corral who feeds people for free.  These organizations literally gift our homeless or less fortunate in our community and what a huge thank you I would love to give! 

 I am not talking about the homeless nor the less financially fortunate in this article.  I am talking about those who will literally have no one to spend the holidays with.  These are just a few things you can do to make it through a season that could have been unbearably lonely and I hope it helps.

1.  Bring the holidays to you!  There is a lady in our church.  Her children live several hours away and her husband died two years ago.  Sister Jones (not her real name) decided since she had no place to go and no one to spend the holiday with, she would reach out to others who were in the same situation.  Sister Jones had our pastor announce there was a sign up sheet in our foyer for those who needed a place for Thanksgiving.  Sister Jones LOVES to serve.  To feed 20-50 people and cook it all by herself is heaven for her!  She is well into her 80s and never misses a beat.  It is so beautiful!  Mothers who have no husband but have children, widows, and widowers alike signed the sheet.  Sister Jones is thrilled.  Her home, where she lives all alone,  will be hustling and bustling with church family and she will not only be able to give, but in her own way receive the greatest blessing of the holiday…a home filled with love!

2.  See it as time for yourself!  During these economic times in  our lives, work can be overwhelming.  How many of us long for a day just to sleep in and relax all day in our pajamas!  Oh to sleep late, wake up to coffee and ball games without ever having to clean our house to pristine condition and being able to lounge all day is just the ticket!!  Maybe there is a good book you have wanted to get to and have not had the time…here is your chance!  Instead of the trouble of cooking a traditional feast, you may try a new recipe you saw ( I saw one for cheese dip I can’t wait to try!) or an old one that is a favorite.  Doesn’t football and nachos sound yummy??  Make it YOUR day and pamper yourself.  Take the quiet as being a blessing!  Spend time with the Lord!  He is always with you!  No matter how alone we can feel, the reality is, God NEVER leaves us or forsakes us.  We are never by ourselves!  Make it your special day and enjoy some things you haven’t had a chance to do!

3.  Volunteer to help those who are alone in your community and spend the holiday blessing them!  Beat the blues by turning the tables on them!  Be a blessing to others.  Find a ‘soup kitchen’ or a community help center and ask what you can do.  Believe me, they will welcome the help with open arms and an apron!  You will find such great joy in serving others!  Listen to their stories, how their lives used to be,  and what happened to them that caused them to be alone or in the place they are finding themselves in now.  Many times we find someone else has had it much harder than we.  Encourage them, pray for them if they will let you, and spread the love of God to them.  Bring dominoes or other games and set up tables of “fun” when the dinner is over!  Soon you will forget you WERE alone and will have the hustle and fun bustle everyone else is having!

I hope this helps you, precious reader!  I pray your holiday is full of joy and blessings however you may wish to spend it!  Know you are never alone and you are loved!  God bless you!!  Juliana


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Holiday Recipe-The Easiest Cherry Delight Recipe EVER!!

cherry delight




One of my favorite side dishes with my turkey and dressing is “Cherry Delight”.  I think this is the easiest recipe I have ever seen.  If you are making this for Thanksgiving and you are following my “no stress” schedule you will make this on Wednesday before Thanksgiving on Thursday.   Enjoy!


1 can cherry pie filling

1 can Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

1 regular Cool Whip

1/2 cup chopped pecans (optional)


Mix together Eagle Brand Milk and Cool Whip.  Add cherry pie filling and pecans.  Incorporate well and refrigerate until ready to serve.  How easy is that??  Have a wonderful holiday!!!

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