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An Audience of One

an audience of one

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Do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them. —Matthew 6:1
An article will follow  that spoke volumes to my heart but first I would like to say some things.  I have often wondered where my fellow bloggers have gone.  When I switched to wordpress.org, no longer did I have the 20 plus likes on an article I had written as I had before.  I was fortunate if I got a “like” at all.
One day I asked God about this.  What had I done?  Had I upset someone?  Had that someone said something about me?  Where were my fellow bloggers, and why did they leave?  I found myself becoming so discouraged, I almost gave up the blog and writing entirely, but God would not let me.
I know from my ‘stats’ page some of the ‘followers’ of this blog are still coming, and why they aren’t ‘liking’ I cannot answer, BUT this I know, I don’t write for anyone but God and it is making a difference because HE tells me what to do!
God spoke to me about this.  Am I out to please man and build a name and writings for myself or touch a life for Him?  If it is for Him and He has approved… that is all the ‘like’ I need!
If something has happened or has been said, God will bring truth to light…my job is to keep my heart right and pure and prove my critics (if there are any) wrong!  God will see to it justice in every way is carried out.  He guards our back!  I pray you enjoy the following article and it ministers to your heart as it did mine.  God bless you!

One winter night composer Johann Sebastian Bach was scheduled to debut a new composition. He arrived at the church expecting it to be full. Instead, he learned that no one had come. Without missing a beat, Bach told his musicians that they would still perform as planned. They took their places, Bach raised his baton, and soon the empty church was filled with magnificent music.

This story made me do some soul-searching. Would I write if God were my only audience? How would my writing be different?

New writers are often advised to visualize one person they are writing to as a way of staying focused. I do this when I write devotionals; I try to keep readers in mind because I want to say something they will want to read and that will help them on their spiritual journey.

I doubt that the “devotional writer” David, whose psalms we turn to for comfort and encouragement, had “readers” in mind. The only audience he had in mind was God.

Whether our “deeds,” mentioned in Matthew 6, are works of art or acts of service, we should keep in mind that they’re really between us and God. Whether or not anyone else sees does not matter. He is our audience.

That my ways might show forth Your glory, That You, dear Lord, greatly deserve! With Your precious blood You’ve redeemed me— In all my days, You I would serve! —Somerville
Serve for an audience of one.
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